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Guitar, also known as classical guitar and Spanish guitar, is a musical stringed instrument consisting of a box that holds a narrowed oval shape and has a central hole in the lid, a mast, on which is attached a fingerboard and six strings which are struck with the fingers of one hand, while the fingers of the other pisan mast. On the fingerboard are embedded the frets that are those that allow the execution of the notes. Notably, the guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments of the world and one of the more employees in genres as rock, blues, tango, folklore and flamenco, among others.
While, to the family of the guitar also belong other instruments, which in its form and interpretation are several similarities with the guitar, such is the case of: the charango and the requinto, guitarrón, being the latter mostly used by mariachis.
Although both centuries their appearance as their material has been very versatile, varying according to the needs of performers or groups, as appropriate, the guitar is made with wood almost all completely, being the main types: those of Holy stick of the India, FIR, cedar from Canada, pine and cypress , ebony.
Once all the elements that make up the guitar have joined occurs you a varnish to the surface, which can be done by hand with rubber lacquer, or in their absence, with a gun-based polyurethane that dries fast.
The origin of this instrument dates back very, very far in time; Thanks to some pictorial evidence found to the North of the current Turkey, around the year 1000 BC, it has been established that, since then, humanity used this instrument.
On the other hand, is called guitar also that instrument used to break and grind plaster; It is composed of a thick table and a handle set in the Center.
Meanwhile, another recurrent use of the word is given at the behest of the colloquial language in some regions of Latin America, in which guitar is a party costume.
And on the other hand, electric guitar, respects roughly forms of classical guitar, although it differs from the same because it transmits the vibrations to an amplifier to be then issued through speakers.
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