What is the Meaning & Definition of gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport that is characterized by the realization of sequences of movements and which must be put into practice, among other things, flexibility, agility and strength. Concerning the origins of this sport and contrary to what all assume, were not the Greeks the first cultists in the matter, but that long before now, the Chinese and Indians were the first to know and use the mechanotherapy.
The Chinese civilization known as Brahma was the first to impose profound inspirations of air accompanied by muscle exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body in order to get rid of cramps, rheumatism and deviations in the spinal column. The Indians also knew to use a mechanism similar to the one which gave the name of shamposing.
But well, in addition to these early attempts, without a doubt, the Greeks were other great standard-bearers of gymnastics but with different purposes. For example, doria race used gym warriors purposes and the Athenians sought to get through this, the harmony and the grace of body and spirit. However, once already in the middle ages, the discipline, began to lose more and more followers who won, to modernity, where returned to retrieve it.
Today turned to return to this custom of the Athenians to cultivate body and gymnastics has become something everyday for everyone, transcending already to professional athletes and the limits of the school where many used to practice it. Sports institutes and gyms are a postcard recurring and common in the majority of countries.
Modern gymnastics regulated through the International Gymnastics Federation is composed of six disciplines: general, artistic, aerobic, acrobatic, rhythmic and trampoline.
Gymnastics is one of the many Olympic disciplines, being the rhythmic and artistic the best-known by its recurrent competition at the Olympics. Meanwhile, the springboard is the newest and the latest to join the Olympics, since Sydney 2000.
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