What is the Meaning & Definition of inhabitant

A resident is a person who lives in or occupies a House, an apartment, a province, a country, a region, one community, among others. I.e., in our language the term which we are discussing is used interchangeably to refer to who inhabits a House that you bought or that income and also to nominate a person who resides in a certain territory generic so. As a result of various factors, including the best and most varied opportunities occupational and academic, is that in large cities, such is the case of the capitals of the world, is where most inhabitants are concentrated and then are much more populated by them to those cities that do not have this feature and which in addition are located in a secluded suburban area.
Rather rural areas not usually characterized by having a large number of inhabitants and this creates the possibility that each inhabitant knows is very well with another, something that of course does not occur in a metropolis, where the depersonalization and knowledge among people is practically non-existent, giving more than anything the bonding by a family tie or friendship.
In the village, it is most common that people meet very well together, to stop to greet, to comment on things, even if they do not know, while in a large city, such a situation is really uncommon.
Now, having marked distinctive circumstances we can conclude that each area, the rural and the great capital, present benefits and also complications for its inhabitants.
Thus, the inhabitants of a small town feel much safer in it because the crime is not a current problem as if in a big city where violent crime is the order of the day and makes those who live in it feel more vulnerable and unprotected.
But, on the other hand, the inhabitant of a big city, out on the street and you will find at your fingertips what they need to buy food, clothes and services, while the inhabitant of the village, many times, must do several kilometers to buy and access to products and services.
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