What is the Meaning & Definition of Interior vacuum

The material universe is composed of objects that have a specific form. From this point of view, a person may empty their closets of clothing to deposit items in a different place. However, the interior of a human universe is much more complex precisely because it has no colors or shapes.
However, although the interior universe is intangible, people we do have the perception of experience when we are full of joy at a moment of happiness or when we experience a huge empty inside as a result of a life crisis.

Longing for happiness

The feeling of inner emptiness is accompanied by unpleasant feelings such as sadness, frustration, mental exhaustion, internal disappointment, lack of energy... This inner emptiness is not negative since the important thing is that the human being listen to their inner feelings to go beyond them. The really bad in a situation of this kind is to want to suppress this discomfort with the hope that is resolved by magic with the passage of time.
In a situation of inner emptiness arises also the feeling of having lost a good internal longing as momentum which before was cause for satisfaction. And the absence of this asset that is linked to this feeling of emptiness. The person does not know exactly what to do to recover, i.e., to fill the void.

The importance of consultation and seek help

For this reason, sometimes it is very important to request professional help as a psychological therapy can be very valuable to reorder the emotional universe with the advice of a specialist in emotional health. A very important aid since the inner emptiness can be one of the symptoms of depression.

Absence of joy

What does it show empty inside? Precisely, the person feels empty joy, illusion, stimulating motivation, rewarding challenges, hope, love... The person feels that these great treasures missing in his emotional backpack.
It is important to point out that the fact that a person feels empty does not have to mean by way of cause and effect which is not loved. But inside does not feel loved (not always the subjectivity fits with the level of objectivity). A person can have it all seems to be happy, however, to feel unhappy.
When a person is happy, on the contrary, you feel full and full.
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