What is the Meaning & Definition of land

A field is a space of land upon which usually and most commonly people can build houses, buildings, business, local, among others or cultivate the land, either for their own use, as it could be the case for the Assembly of an orchard in which are planted various types of edible, so you time have borne fruit eat them either, exploitation, can be done at a broader level, such as in the case of the land located in rural areas, generally, away from big cities, destined for agricultural use.
Obviously, this piece of land, for the achievement of the targets that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, shall be legally formed and divided, while, in the current vocabulary which is used at the behest of urban planning, these pieces of land delimited are called plots.
But the ground floor also boasts other meanings depending on the field or the context in which will apply it.
So, then, the term is often used to refer to a field of action, such as politics, medicine, history, among others, to talk about the qualities or effectiveness through which, some people tend to move in them. For example, we often hear that foo in such is very good or that moves like a fish in water in the field of politics.
And in other contexts in which the word land acquires importance and relevance is in the field of sport, more precisely in football, in which the place where the players of the teams fighting the party is known as pitch.
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