What is the Meaning & Definition of manhood

The word virility allows us to refer to that which holds the quality of manly, while the masculine term is frequently used to account for the male or the linked to this, the men's, i.e., everything that has some characteristics of the male usually refers via the manly Word. Short hair, hair on the chest, legs and arms, the strength and the voice are some signs normally associated with virility and masculinity; the absence of them is recursively understood as lack of virility.
In Western culture it is often relate virility with the sexual ability of a man, i.e. competition presented in regards to sexual potency that displayed in her sexual performances; the greater the ability of a man to keep his erect sex organ for a prolonged period, the greater their virility, it is believed. Therefore, normally deemed lacking in manhood that individual who can not achieve a standard sexual performance.
In times past and remote, even today in some cultures that are strongly rooted in the past, is or was common that should be considered as lacking virility that individual that he showed little aptitude when it comes to procreation, i.e. that despite trying it could not leave pregnant a woman, or failing one who only agree women and then, on the other hand, believed to be owner of a major manhood to him who was able to engender only males.
Then, it is virtually impossible that today, in the West, relates the virility with the generative power, but rather it is strictly related to sexual potency, unlinking in this way the theme layout or not play.
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