What is the Meaning & Definition of mean, miser

In the current language is called stingy that individual who stands for their pettiness and greed to make own expenses and also when someone in your environment you are prompted some sort of collaboration or monetary assistance.
The miser is a person affects nothing to spend money under any circumstances, i.e., no matter that spending involves a fun or acquire something that add comfort to the quality of life, because none of this shall be sufficient reason for the stinging spend their money saved, treasured.
It should be noted, that in the most extreme degrees of stinginess, the stingy, even is able to abandon the comfort if it is that means spend and spend money to keep them.
Not necessarily the miser is always a wealthy person who refuses to spend money, it can also be a person who does not have too much money and then, with more vigorously defend and save what little you have or that you can save.
Usually, who is stingy suffers from greed, one of the seven deadly sins, and which involves the excessive desire to possess riches with the simple reason to keep them. So is the miser will pass the entire life accumulating material wealth, materialized in money, or objects and goods of value, although in no way it will be willing to spend them, much less to share them with anyone, even someone you love and close.
In most cultures the miser is subject to comments and taunts by your environment that laughs at his extreme refusal to spend money. For example, in the most severe cases, there are individuals who daily use the same clothes because they don't want to spend on buying new.
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