What is the Meaning & Definition of naughty

The naughty word is a word that presents a very often used in the everyday language of the regions that speak Spanish and its distinctive feature is that it is a term mostly applies in relation to children. Wicked is a qualifying adjective referring to any individual that stands out for its bustling and restless behavior. The son of my friend is so naughty that when he brings it home I have literally turned.
The antics, such as they are appointed to those actions carried out by the children, either by game or fun and cause damage, minor injury, which is not nearly important, they turn out to be typical of small individuals; While there is no specific age for them, we could say that you between the year and until puberty children make mischief as an inherent part of their nature.
It is worth noting, that in many cases those small damages and prejudice caused in the antics help in the process of socialization and education of children, since parents can make them children those acceptable behaviors and those that otherwise are not. Mischief is part of the evolution of a person and all human beings in childhood incur them, are part of the development.
Usually, the antics of the children cause adults sympathy, surprise and grace, by the ease and ingenuity that most present.
Break plants, some embellishment of the House, throwing toys out of the window, hide from an adult, cut off his hair to a doll, are some of the most recurrent at almost all times.
Well, as the boundary that separates the mischief of an irresponsible and harmful act also can be very thin, it is essential that parents will follow closely the behavior of their children to avoid mischief to become a serious problem, such as an accident in which the life of the child is committed.
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