What is the Meaning & Definition of overview

From the visual point of view, there are different types of image showing a determined precisely a landscape or a part of concrete reality. One of the most accurate image types is the panoramic view offered all of a landscape by what the viewer can see a complete picture.
From the psychological point of view, existential level, also called the panoramic view the phenomenon whereby a person can remember in a sequential manner the highlights of his life before the proximity of death.

Look to the past

The elderly tend to remember the past more often because as if they were at the top of a mountain, they have a clearer vision of how has been your life, i.e. of the road who have traveled to get to this point.
From this point of view, this panoramic image shows a retrospective exercise through which the person revives some moments that have been fixed in a special form in their retinas forming everything that made up the story. There are films that also offer a panoramic view of history through frames showing a leap in time through film.

A complete vision of reality

From the professional point of view, a researcher who carried out his doctoral thesis on a given topic has a panoramic view of this topic thanks to the time dedicated to consult reference sources to investigate and document on this issue.
A specialist in a particular topic has a panoramic view on that subject of specialty. From this point of view, panoramic view of reality is opposed to the partial vision of one who has a conditional point of view.

In the field of knowledge, a gateway to new experiences and perspectives

From the point of view of knowledge, the panoramic view shows the attitude of the subject which has an open-mindedness to continue filtering new knowledge. An attitude that is contrary to the closed attitude of one who has many internal prejudices and falling in intellectual habits that lead to ignorance. Having a wide view of a particular matter allows a better approach to the truth that goes beyond the mere subjective belief.

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