What is the Meaning & Definition of physical therapy

Therapy refers to that part of medicine that deals especially with the treatment of diseases, while the physical Word is used to refer to anything owned or linked to the body, including its Constitution and nature.
Well, now cleared both terms that compose the concept which we deal then we say that physical therapy is the branch of medicine that deals treat physical conditions of our body through exercise or various practices such as the application of cold, heat, water, electricity and carrying out massages in those affected areas.
On the other hand, the physical therapy will also diagnose diseases that affect movement ability or muscle. This makes use of test electrical and manual that provide a general and precise overview of muscle strength, movement of the joints and the development of functions, among other issues.
Basically, the physical therapy will act in those cases in which functions that facilitate body movements are affected, either by the disease a disease or having suffered an accident that suddenly resented it. Then, your main mission will be to the restore its satisfactory operation so that the person can normally perform their life.
Physical therapy is present in almost all the pathological processes of different medical specialties, e.g. obstetrics deals to reeducate the patient before and after childbirth; in gerontology, he attends to patients who have lost mobility; and in cardiology it will deal with the rehabilitation of the patients heart in regards to efforts.
It known the individual dedicated professionally to this activity as a physiotherapist. In the meantime, you can play as such, once successfully completed studies linked to matter, carried out at a University and usually take around four years. The physiotherapist must have expertise in the field of clinical sciences to deploy their work, for example, you must know the functioning of the systems, endocrine, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular, pulmonary, Genito-Urinary, cardiovascular, among others.

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