What is the Meaning & Definition of Social bond

People have an own individuality, however, also establish emotional ties with others. Create relationships that lead to social links, connections which can be of different types. There are ties of love as a relationship partner, bonds of friendship, companionship in labour relations, relations of neighbors...
Each social link requires an own reciprocity. For example, love implies a correspondence by both parties, as well as friendship. Social links can be a source of great satisfaction as it shows the happiness of love but it is also possible to feel a great frustration as it happens when a person is in love with his best friend who is not in the same way.

Professional social links

Similarly, the social links in the professional context may also be marked by potential stressful situations such as extreme rivalry. The nature of the social link shows own coexistence in society of people who are part of a concrete social fabric to be part of a family and a city.
Social links in the labour context take its importance and its role as it shows the power of networking that make working contacts enables professionals to learn from others, share knowledge and even to initiate projects in common. Social links shows the need for human not to isolate themselves and be in contact with others.

Social links online

The links show the existence of a relationship when a person establishes one connection with another, of the type that is. Whenever there is a link there is a contact. New technologies have also marked a turning point in the social links that nowadays, many people maintain a regular contact with friends and acquaintances through social networks. But it is also possible to have as a contact on Facebook a person who is not known in reality in a face-to-face manner.

Forging relationships through social networks

It is today also possible to looking for a partner over the internet as shown in the case of those who have known love online. Any bond requires time and dedication. Links are not static, they can be completed. For example, when a couple breaks, just with that emotional link. The link can evolve towards the friendship or directly, may disappear.
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