What is the Meaning & Definition of stuttering

Communications difficulty that prevents talk fluently and fluency

Stuttering is a fairly common condition that some people suffer speech that attacks. This disorder is characterized by the repeated difficulty of the person at the time talking run and fluid. Typically, as consequence of stuttering repeat syllables and cost a lot to tell the complete word, interrupting the pronunciation of each word on a regular basis, for example: "so, so, only".
Normally and after a great effort and reiterated several times the same syllables can pronounce the full word.
The person who suffers from this disorder indicates how tongue-tied and of course as we saw is a disorder that affects directly the communicative possibilities of who suffers from it.

It manifests itself by repeating syllables of words and with the inability to say words of corrido

These repetitions of syllables so characteristic of the condition of stuttering are not voluntary, i.e., the stutterer does them aware or much less, but they are completely involuntary and can be associated with various factors such as physical, psychological or social.

Stigmatization of the stutterer through ridicule to his way of speaking

We must say with regard to this condition as usual, although it should not happen because of course this watchful against the possibility of recovery and self esteem, traditionally, has existed a stigmatization of the stutterer through mockery reiterated by this impossibility that manifests when it comes to expressing a phrase or Word you learn.
Often the cruel environment and that does not understand that it is a problem, laughs stutterers person and falls in the mockery, usually imitating that constant interruption to the talk.

Isolation and depression, the most common consequences of stigma

Obviously these loaded and taunting have a impact quite negative in who suffers from stuttering and they do more to isolate the person and retract it socially, i.e., you feel so much shame of this condition that vanishes when speaking in public for fear of teasing that make you by this stuttering.
Another disastrous consequence that joins the social isolation is that the personality of the person stutterers may be affected negatively by this problem.
And ladies to more serious ends, there are cases of spluttering people who after suffering constant stigmatization fall into deep depressions that are harder to overcome pictures.
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