What is the Meaning & Definition of tactics

It is known with the term of tactics to the set of methods used to achieve the realization of a goal.
Almost always to the concept of tactics he is confused with the strategy and it is because there is a very thin line of separation between the two. In order to use them correctly and not indiscriminately as usual, it is useful to know that the main difference is that tactic involves a more specific action, for example, at the behest of a military confrontation, reduce to zero the rival military forces will be the strategy and tactics is the action done in a particular place, a surprise to the military attack , among others.
Meanwhile, and with regard to this, it will be in the military sphere in which more used the concept, since originally there tactics will be action or method that is employed at the time of having to face an enemy as part of a battle or military conflict and that the chosen plan is the best results is considered can produce.
But, today, the tactic is no longer a concept essentially linked to the military context and other so many fields of action have adopted it as their own, adding new edges but always maintaining the essence of the same.
The economy, trade, any games, sport, navigation and negotiation are some of the areas that actively employ tactics.
For example, in economics, business and even trade, the tactic will be one of the main tools available to managers, owners, etc., which will be to carry out a good business, i.e., the use of tactics, conscious, thoughtful and previously thought to for example give a new face to a product or service that has been long in time and you need a renewal to retrieve customers or failing that, those methods studied to achieve immediate success within the framework of the launch of a product or service, today, make tactics an essential element for the world of finance, economy and trade.
In sport, the tactic is also be a fundamental aspect when you want to impose on the rival in a game, party.
Also, in interpersonal relationships and instances for example of conflict resolution tactics will be decisive, because in a discussion, hear the opponent will always be be one of the best tactics to implement.
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