What is the Meaning & Definition of tank

Understood as one of the most powerful and indestructible vehicles, tank is a type of vehicle which is used almost exclusively in military or armed conflicts in order to confront and destroy the potential or circumstantial enemy. The tank has been designed as a sort of battleship which can receive various attacks without being seriously damaged or even without presenting any type of alteration to their March.
The tank is a type of vehicle created at the beginning of the 20th century to carry out their functions mainly in areas of war or military confrontation. Thus, the first models of military tanks emerged for the first world war, moment in which military clashes between the two sides became more raw than what they used to carry forward up to that time. Along with other military elements such as the use of much more evolved, chemicals and ammunition of various powers, tank helped to make war a more violent and impressive phenomenon.
The tank has some kind of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the vehicles used civilly easily. Thus, one of its most outstanding features is the fact that its shape is trapezoidal, made with metal and extremely resistant to shooting boards, assaults and even certain types of bombs. In addition, tank performs its March on a completely different system than the rest of the vehicles: even though it may contain wheels, its main structure is composed of a gear system known as Caterpillar and which is similar to a bicycle chain. This is a tape of metal or resistant materials put in motion make the vehicle to scroll forward or backward in the space. Tanks also have a look at distance that is managed from the inside. For this reason, those who lead it are protected and not in the open air as it is the case with most of the vehicles.
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