What is the Meaning & Definition of tennis of table

Adaptation of tennis played at a table, with pallets of wood and plastic ball

Tennis table, or table tennis, as it is called, is one of sports and popular sports in the world. It is an adaptation of the tennis whose main characteristics are that the players dispute the party at a rectangular table, as already shown us its name, and pallets made of wood which is hit a very small ball that is plastic and that produces a characteristic and unique noise to be hit by the racket.

That the ball passes the network and point!

The methodology of game is tennis, table, is divided into two by a network and aims to make with their racquets players passing the ball from the net by tapping on the corresponding to the opponent side, when this does not occur, i.e., that the ball does not pass the network or leaves the table the opponent will earn the point.
The only moment of the game in which the ball must bounce in the first instance in the field is in the serve, after bouncing on the field itself should be done in the rival camp. In this way the throw-off is valid.
As with tennis, the game can be played by two players that rival or a couple who is facing another. In the latter case the obligation is that players from the same team stick him to the ball alternately.
One of the most unique features of this sport, and addition to those already mentioned, is the great speed with which to play, especially those more practice and more seasoned players.

Score and win the game

Meanwhile, the points won by each player added one and win the game or set that participant who add seven or eleven points, as appropriate. The winner of the match will be who wins two, three, or even five sets, obviously this will depend on the jurisdiction in question.

Olympic sport originating in United Kingdom

Table tennis is an Olympic sport from the games of 1988 and respect of its origin must say that he is a native of England, at the end of the 19th century, from where fabulously would extend all over the world.
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