What is the Meaning & Definition of theorem

The theorems are expedient and special concern of mathematics and when speaking of them refers to those statements that can be demonstrated as true within a logical framework.
Usually, the theorems are composed of a number of conditions that can be listed or advance in advance which is the called answers. To these the conclusion will be shown or mathematical statement which obviously will always be true in the conditions of the work in question, i.e., above all in the informational content of the theorem to be established is the relationship that exists between the hypothesis and the thesis and conclusion of the work.
But there is something unavoidable for the math when it comes to that particular statement is plausibly become a theorem and is that the same must be interesting enough inside and to the mathematical community, otherwise and unfortunately, it can be just a slogan, a corollary or simply a proposition, not may become never theorem.
And in order to clarify a little more the question is precise to distinguish also the concepts mentioned above, so, still, not being part of a mathematical community can recognize when it's a theorem, a slogan, a corollary or a proposition.
A slogan is a proposition, but is part of a longer theorem. The corollary on its side is a statement that follows a theorem and finally the proposition is a result that is not associated with any theorem in particular.
At the beginning we indicate that a theorem is a statement that can be demonstrated only within a logical framework, while, with logical framework refers to a set of axioms or axiom system and a process of inference which is which will allow to derive theorems from axioms and theorems that have already been derived previously.
On the other hand will be called proof of this theorem to the finite sequence of well-formed logical formulas.
But not with the special attention that mathematics for theorems, disciplines such as physics or economics tend to produce statements that are deducted from others and called them also theorems.
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