What is the Meaning & Definition of tissue

The term tissue is used to designate those pieces of material that are made from the intermingling of threads or wool and a role of shelter or protection from the human body. Tissues are elements that have been useful to humans since prehistoric times, and its evolution over time has allowed to develop different types of fabrics and materials that today make up the huge range of clothes we wear every day.
He is considered the first forms of tissue emerged in prehistory, together with the discovery of agriculture and of the possibility that developed the man to become sedentary. Thus, the man of those times did not need to use the skins of wild animals to cover and keep warm, if not that began to have their own materials to make their own clothing. Since then until today, tissue has evolved beautifully, with the wonderful boost that gave to the activity the phenomenon known as the Industrial Revolution. From it (which occurred at the end of the 18th century), the textile activity won greater speed, efficiency and modernity.
Tissue can be made from different fibres, wool and yarn, resulting in each of these elements a different kind of garment. While threads are used to rather fresh and lighter garments, wool usually make tissue more warm and heavy, ideal for low temperatures. There is also the linen, silk, hemp, cotton and other plant products. All fabrics are in one way or another a confection made from the material tissue itself, although sometimes one does not stop to think about it. Currently, synthetic like nylon or lycra materials are also used.
The fabrics are certainly of great importance for the life of the human being as they are which allow you to warm climate, cover his body and be able to carry out a peaceful lifestyle. The variety of existing products also allows that human beings can choose the most appropriate clothing according to the time of year and weather the situation to live, their style, etc.
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