What is the Meaning & Definition of transgenic

The GM term is an adjective used to refer to all those living beings who are born with their altered genetic information. Usually, this term is used to point to those animals or plants that are altered artificially, either because there are scientific or commercial objectives behind those changes. Genetically modified organisms are a characteristic phenomenon of the last part of the 20th century, time in which Western scientists were able to decipher the entire DNA structure and therefore set from there a basis for future transformations of that particular information.
Usually, the transgenic elements are much more present in our daily lives than we know. This is because many foods and grocery products are made on the basis of genetic alterations that have different objectives: ensure a greater preservation of the product at the time, highlight colors, textures and flavors, making products of higher quality, etc. However, even though some of these purposes can be beneficial, genetic manipulation is always dangerous since it may end up creating new organisms unknown and therefore not accepted by the human body that consumes them.
However, the idea of GM does not apply only to food. Thus, many animals are also genetically altered in order to ensure a sort, get better products for human consumption, etc. Some significant and particular cases are those animals that are genetically transformed its heritage line to generate higher quality specimens (e.g., as with cattle or sheep). Also some animals tend to be genetically altered to be sold as pets or pets special, in which case we are already talking of genetic manipulation for economic and commercial purposes, which can be severely punished by law and dangerous.
Specialists state that although some types of genetic manipulation are harmless and can contribute to the improvement of a species (for example, when working to give endangered species extinction of elements that allow them to survive better at certain conditions), the activity must be strictly controlled to avoid problems and negative in any kind of action.

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