What is the Meaning & Definition of treasure

The word treasure is used to refer to an object that contains very valuable for someone and therefore is something that keeps very precious way. The concept of treasure is in the majority of cases with an amount of capital or important money is stored and maintained under protection by its owner. However, Treasury can also refer to something symbolic, for example when a person says that her children are his treasure, or that such a treasure for someone is a negligible bit of paper for its emotional value.
The treasure is usually described as an important and striking amount of money that remains stored and reserved somewhere to prevent being stolen or birlada. This treasure may be the product of the work of long time of a person as well as also any inheritance received specifically in a special moment. The treasure consists of money even within the same may have different coins, banknotes and even metal pure as gold or silver. When a person possesses a treasure, refers to a wealthy or rich person and the fact of possessing such an amount of silver obviously changes the perspective that you have on that person.
However, as stated, a treasure can be much more than a large sum of money. In this sense, when the term wins a symbolic value can be used by anyone, even by the most humble people. This is so because treasure can also be generated from the emotional or sentimental value that are applied to objects or relationships, by which something that normally has no monetary value such as a souvenir, an element or a link between people can easily become very important and treasured by anyone.

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