What is the Meaning & Definition of urban

The term urban is an adjective of qualifying type used to refer to everything that has to do with the city or the city. Urban is the completely opposite rural since it is in the urban space being developed the activities and phenomena connected with the city and with modern life. Today, the term urban is used for a multitude of situations or circumstances, but it will always be associated with the space in which the phenomenon itself arises, by which one might never speak of "urban culture" or "urban farmer" because that would be a contradiction in itself.
The quality of urban acquires a person, an institution, a social group, a phenomenon or a circumstance purely and exclusively by the fact of living in the city. Thus, everything that takes place therein will be considered urban. This is so since another synonym of city is the term city which comes from the latin urbs. This term was very important at the time of the ancient Roman Empire, at which time extensive dominion over Europe was established on the Foundation of towns or cities in different parts of the continent, North Africa and Middle East West. Since then, the city is also called the city and here comes the adjective qualifying urban.
Urban is anything that has to do with the city. In this sense, the urban is easily distinguishable from rural already are worlds and spaces that are completely different and opposite. While in the field or in the rural areas of productive activities tend to turn on lathe the agriculture and animal husbandry, urban they diversify more of industry, services and technology. On the other hand, in urban areas the landscape is different since it it stops being so present nature and if it is often artificially according to the needs or interests of the human being. At the same time, urban is a much more modern and complex reality as to live so much of people currently in the cities, develops a mindset that is much more open to each other and much more complex in terms of difficulties, stress or lifestyle.
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