What is the Meaning & Definition of Vector

According to the context in which will use it, the term Vector will hold various references.

Geometric representation of a magnitude

At the behest of physics, a vector will be the geometric representation of a magnitude, whether it is speed, acceleration or force, which will need to spatial orientation, point of application, direction and sense to be defined. For example, the distance between two cars that depart from one spot does not necessarily be determined by their respective speeds, because if these are 20 km/h and 40 km/h, to spend an hour, the distance can see different possibilities.
By which the distance between two cars will depend on not only of what your speed meter mark, but that it will be necessary to define the speed vector character, which will be defined by a module, in this case, the speed and direction.

Carrier or intermediate host of a parasite or virus

Meanwhile, in another context, such as in the biological, a vector will be that carrier or intermediate host of a parasite or virus, which transmits a disease germ to another guest.

He studied for causing diseases but also to find the cure of some

Usually, this type of vector consider it is to cause diseases, but they also tend to be studied as the possible cure of any disease in some cases.
Most of the vectors of this type are manifested in blood-sucking insects, for example mosquitoes, since viruses and bacteria found in them an ideal medium of transmission through blood contact direct.

The mosquito, vector of many and serious diseases: Dengue, yellow fever, fever Chikunguna

Following with mosquitoes and in order to illustrate the issue we mentioned we will say in the case of these insects are the main transmitters of dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever and the fever chikunguna.
The mosquito Aedes aegypti is responsible for these serious infectious disease specific. Simply just receive a bite of the same so that trigger the symptoms and begins to risk life if it is not is acting quickly to halt their advance.
While this mosquito does not have substantive physical characteristics that differentiate it from the common mosquito, it has a few white markings that identify it as such.
Towards the end of the 19th century, a Cuban scientist named Carlos Finlay identified him as transmitting agent of yellow fever.
In the tropics and semi tropical is dominated by this type of mosquito, and of course the risks of its bite.
In the specific case of dengue, we must emphasize that in recent decades the disease already lurks to urban and suburban areas of big cities, i.e., dengue has become a serious public health problem that demands the implementation of policies for health in order to prevent it, such is the case of awareness campaigns aimed at the entire population.
As the main transmitting agent is mentioned mosquito bites all the documents should be placed on preventing the mosquito may affect you. Stagnant water, for example, are a great breeding ground for these mosquitoes and it is therefore always is recommended its replacement and washing to avoid a focus of procreation.
Another certainly serious condition that transmit these vectors is dengue fever chikunguna, which is transmitted in a similar way and also has symptoms similar to those of a strong flu, although very strong joint pain in addition.
It stays controlled this type of mosquito will give at Bay serious diseases as indicated.

Computing: area of contiguous storage that contains a series of elements of the same type

And finally, in computer science, especially within what is known as programming, a vector will be that contiguous storage area which contains a number of elements of the same type. It can be seen as a set of elements arranged in a row.
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