What is the Meaning & Definition of veracity

Fact that keeps strict conformity with the truth

The term accuracy is used when you want to note that any question, a fact, a statement, among other things, keep strict accordance with truth.
I.e., the truth is something like condition who will hold a trial or a reasoning, which be expressed truthfully says that who emits it. The veracity is closely linked to concepts such as good faith, honesty and sincerity and is therefore that also opposed certainly hypocrisy and lying.

The importance of the accuracy in professions such as journalism and medicine

There are some professions, such as her medicine and journalism, which will require those who practise them the minimum margin of possible error regarding the veracity of that holding or who communicate, because lisa and plainly, in the first case, for example, if the truth is not transmitted about a State of health, even for the cause by which is doing right , for protection, for example, such definitive issue may prove to be a significant prejudice against the patient, because, not knowing their status may not act as and probably not take care of yourself or attend certain care which are essential to their quality of life, and much more at the behest of a situation in which health is not well.
In the case of exercise of journalism, especially in the framework of mass communication, the power to reach an audience of millions of people that will be so but so heterogeneous, also will require the professional observe a responsibility extreme when it comes to the dissemination of news, and much more when they refer to a very sensitive topic for society such as issues related to medicine and the advances that this area is doing about a vaccine that the cure for a bad, would mean for example.
Also with regard to privacy and to the good name of people is very important for social communicators to keep respect because both issues are very sensitive and many complications can lead to the individual affected by inaccurate information.
When someone said something that is not true and this affects the good name it will bring you many problems. The lie may affect their family members, may cause inconvenience business, losing their jobs, to name some more serious consequences in this regard.
While many journalists when they publish information about public figures take refuge in the right to protect their sources, must say that it is very important than before to a certain information that can lead to complications such as those mentioned, East very checked since it will depend on the public derision of someone.

Positive moral value

The truth is considered as a moral positive value precisely because its mission is conformity with the truth that proposes, then, will involve the ability of someone to always tell the truth, be sincere to the circumstances that arise in life.

The relevance of Justice to determine the veracity

Meanwhile, when there are doubts about the veracity of a fact or a saying it is very important to intervene in this case Justice with all his power of administration of Justice and truth that it clarified through an investigation if what happened was really as it is and if that says such a person over another is true.
The aim of justice must always find the truth of a fact to avoid that someone innocent to pay for something that did not and that in return someone guilty is free of guilt and cargo.
Case is that in addition to the professional exercise of medicine and journalism, justice, should set an example in this respect and always seek the truth of those facts that investigates.
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