What is the Meaning & Definition of voice

The most recurrent use that has the word voice is to refer to the sound generated by air expelled from the lungs when you exit our larynx, causing the vocal cords vibrate.
Meanwhile, our fonador unit will be responsible for generating the sound of the voice. The mentioned is composed of three different groups of organs: organs (lungs, bronchi, and trachea) breathing, phonation (Larynx and vocal cords) and joint (palate, tongue, teeth, lips and glottis).
The correct operation of this device is in charge of the Central nervous system, as Broca's area, located in the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, the place from which the speech of a person is controlled.
The sound produced in the vocal turns out to be too weak so it is necessary to amplify it, such expansion will take place in the Resonators nasal, buccal and pharyngeal and then, once there leaves the human voice will be molded by the articulators of the voice, such as the palate, lips and teeth, transforming them into speech sounds. The position of articulators will be what ultimately will determine the sound of our voice.
Physics has determined that there is a sound must be yes or Yes these three elements: a body that vibrates, a physical support that makes the times of transmitter and a box of resonance that amplify those vibrations so that the ear can perceive them.
On the other hand, the word voice is also used to refer to the intensity, timbre and quality presenting a sound.
Also, with this same concept include sounds that generate certain things that have life, such as wind, the cry, raised speaking, Word, a Word, or the musician who sings. The sound of the wind was almost deafening at night. We had to ask the public to lower the voice to be able to go ahead with the speech. Gustavo Cerati is the voice of the Argentine band Soda Stereo.
On the other hand, the grammatical voice turns out to be the grammatical category that is associated with the verb and dealing indicate the semantic relationship established between the subject, verb and object.
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