What is the Meaning & Definition of warm

The term warm is a non-scientific term that is used in the common and colloquial language to refer to elements that have a moderate, neither cold nor hot temperature and, therefore, can be more tolerated by the palate for not being as extreme as any of the other two already mentioned. The idea of warm or lukewarm which can have an element (usually the term is applied to food or edible elements) can be positive or negative depending on the type of element which is talking because while some things can be richer in that temperature, for others the State's warm is a bad thing (for example when you want to drink warm water or when a soup is warm instead of being hot).
The sense of touch allows us to recognize three types of different, broadly temperatures: the cold, the warm and hot. The problem with hot and cold temperatures is that many times can be extreme to our feelings and what is always warm is much easier to accept or assimilate in terms of sensorial. Then, there are other guidelines that have to do mostly with cultural issues such as those already mentioned: when a soup or a coffee or other food normally consumed hot is lukewarm, as much as it is better tolerated by the body, is negative. The same happens with those normally consumed cold elements. Remember that the quality of warm is not scientific, since we are not talking about specific but rather numbers of sensations.
Another meaning of the term warm, which is related to what is mentioned above, is the lack of passion or momentum. This adjective can also be applied to people who act moderately, without decision or passion. Although it might seem something more rational by not resorting to extreme or exaggerated actions, the idea that a person is warm relates more than anything with the inability to resolve things or situations, with the lack of decision, fear and insecurity.

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