What is the Meaning & Definition of whisper

There are different forms of communication. With point of care on oral communication, it should be pointed out that the human being not only communicates through his words, i.e., by what he says but also through the way in which is expressed (by the tone of voice). The intonation of the words and the volume of the voice show how the issuer can give an intensity greater than or less than his words.
There is a gentle way of expressing a message: a whisper. The whisper is a form of communication through which the issuer pronounce a message in a voice soft and leisurely tone. In short, a whisper is the way through which a person speaks to another in a low voice.
Whisper in quiet places
From this point of view, there are many moments in which when a person talks to another through a whisper is because it is in a place where it prudent is to remain silent. For example, in the waiting room of a medical center. Or also, in a library that should keep quiet not to interrupt those present in the accomplishment of its tasks.
A person can also whisper an information to another when you want to transmit confidential information, for example, a secret and wants to avoid to let anyone else hear this message.
When someone whispers you are transmitting a message in an almost imperceptible way to the point that the speaker virtually has to read the lips of the issuer to understand the message.
The language of love
From the point of view of communication in the couple's relationship, a whisper can also be a romantic gesture
to express a message of love. And is that, there are messages so beautiful as "I love you" which are not understood best by the fact to pronounce them out loud.
Whisper transmits the kindness, the closeness, the emotional closeness and affection that make communication friendly. Unlike the cry that transmits verbal aggressiveness, the displeasure and annoyance that has any kind of humiliation to another.

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