What is the Meaning & Definition of volunteering

When we talk about volunteering, we are referring to the activity that takes place on a voluntary basis but is characterized especially by putting the energy, knowledge, or desire to service who need it most in the community without receiving anything in return. Volunteering is a way of life that touches not just who is helped (because they can change you life in many respects), if not that also plays in a manner sensitive to the one who helps and who understands the importance of work in common and delivery by others.
The notion of volunteerism is characteristic of these last decades in which, due to different crisis situations specific, generalized, problematic that never before had been them too much attention as poverty, poverty, domestic violence, abuse, and both against human beings as against animal abuse, have gained special importance and presence in all communities. Arise, NGOs (or non-governmental organizations, which work independently) and other forms of social organization which main aim search solutions for those problems that remain to be addressed.
The volunteer is inserted in this network of organizations as the central figure since it is from it that they can be operated. Volunteering is who moves all threads and touch all doors in pursuit of getting funds, collaborations or simply to educate citizens on the subject which he. Volunteer, as stated before, performs all these tasks on their own, which is why that gains nothing in return; the raison d ' être of the volunteer is just surrender fully knowing the complications that this entails.
Today the enormous amount of social organizations of all kinds makes the number of volunteers infinite, allowing some of them share different causes. In the majority of cases, volunteering is a task carried out by youth and young adults even though there are many seniors who spend their time free to solidarity and altruistic issues.
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