What is the Meaning & Definition of psychological violence

The concept of psychological violence is a social construct that is used to refer to the phenomenon by which one or more persons assault verbally to one or more other persons, establishing some kind of psychological and emotional damage in assaulted people. The notion of psychological violence has been formed to make a difference with that of physical violence since it implies the verbal aggression and in dealing more than violence through strokes or serious bodily injury. Psychological violence is very common social areas, such as the domestic (where various types of conflicts and fights often occur), labour, etc.
Specialists believe that psychological violence is one of the worst forms of violence involving an aggression to the psyche and the emotionality of a person. In this sense, although a blow or a physical assault may leave visible marks and important pain, verbal or psychological aggression can hurt much deeper understanding of that person already that usually attack hitting those parts which the person feels unsafe and making it feel much weaker and more vulnerable to the offender (for example a husband to his wife does it exert some level of power and hierarchy that weakens the female figure as composer part of the couple).
Psychological violence is also much more difficult to detect in the practical since the wounds are not visible and invisible. Thus, psychological aggression that a husband to his wife, a head to your employee or a person with greater power can exercise to another with lower power always go unnoticed at the time but the effects generated by the person may be long-lasting and more painful than physical violence.

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