What is the Meaning & Definition of transformation

Action and result of transforming one or something

The term transformation in its most basic reference says that it refers to the action and result of transforming one same or failing at something. Now, what changes does in its form but still keeping intact their identity.

Situations that force the personal transformation

For example, the car accident that John suffered last year made his life suffered an incredible transformation, is no longer so concerned about the material issues that were once his priority.
Issues such as the one mentioned, for who suffers a before and then tend to trigger in people facing them substantial changes with regard to how the life is taken. Paradoxically, those who suffer accidents such as the one indicated in the example often live a thousand per hour, as a result also of the requirements of modern life, meanwhile, these situations tend to become teaching, learning limits that warn that you're living too fast and that a transformation of habits in this sense is necessary.
Some manage to make it and radically change their lives toward more positive stock, while others unfortunately cannot do so.

Physical changes: modify what we don't like body

But not only of spiritual transformations live man also people tend to make succulent physical transformations because not like something specific of their physical. Cosmetic surgery and other so many procedures that advances in science today bring us, allow that: a person turns his nose aquiline by another smaller; someone who has no breasts may have them by implants silicone; make wrinkles disappear a facelift or stretch, between so many alternatives available.

Transformation of substances

Also, in addition to transform the essence, manner of acting or being a person, the transformation can be physical, which is the one in which the object, substance, subject, changes its form, its structure, its packaging, but never its composition. With an example we can better understand the question... water when it freezes and becomes ice modifies its structure, insofar as its composition even with different appearance remains the same, H2O. When the water evaporates the same, all these are physical changes when a substance. In opposition to this situation we are chemical transformations, in which if there is a transformation of composition.
Then transform itself will involve the passage of a State to another different.

The linguistic transformation

On the other hand, at the behest of Linguistics, called transformation to that operation that formally establishes a syntactic relation between two sentences.
Most of the words that make up the Spanish language come from the latin language, however they have suffered successive transformations through the centuries, the changes and the subsequent evolutions.

Biological transformation

And in another context in which the term also holds a special interest is in Molecular Biology. Here referred to as transformation to the phenomenon by which certain cells acquire gene material of others. I.e. it is the genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the introduction and expression of foreign genetic material.

Changes experienced by social groups by political, economic and cultural factors

On the other hand, the concept is used way extended on a social level to refer to those changes experienced by social groups as a result of factors political, economic and even cultural, that they exert enormous pressure and then, society turns in the direction that they impose.
A few decades ago was unthinkable a family composed of three parents, but today, reproductive medicine in the service of the new elections sexual and family thus permitting and society will accept them, will make the idea that there will be a child who will have two mothers and a biological father.
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