What is the Meaning & Definition of occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the art and science of know direct response of men towards the ideal activity to promote and maintain the health, to prevent disability, to assess the conduct and also to treat patients who have dysfunctions psychosocial or physical.
I.e., occupational therapy and precisely who it serves, the occupational therapist, what it will do is find that person who has physical or mental limitations can have an independent life and rating their own potential, if it is the case, the patient can modify his diminished skills, according to increase them and on the opposite sidewalk, that can reach an active attitude in terms of its capabilities. Thus, occupational therapy is responsible for prevention, functional diagnosis, research and treatment of daily occupations in different areas such as personal care (feeding and hygiene), entertainment (games and recreational activities) and productivity (school or work activities).
So is that occupational therapy may help: in the treatment of brain injuries and spinal cord, general weakness, rehabilitation post fractures, Parkinson's disease, among others.
Meanwhile, the occupational therapy makes use of various activities with the mission to assist the patient in effective adaptation that corresponds to their physical and social environment. It should be noted that the above-mentioned activities and occupations will depend on the specific case and the old patient, for example, in occupational therapy that involves children, most common occupations are also play and learning.
On the other hand, occupational therapist, must pass three levels to realize the training as such: medical phase (basic medical sciences), study of the therapeutic activities for those treatments of rehabilitation and clinical practice.
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