What is the Meaning & Definition of supermarket

It is called a supermarket that establishment which main aims to bring consumers a great variety of products from different brands, prices and styles. Unlike what happens with much of the business, a supermarket is characterized by exposing these products available to consumers, who use the self-service system and paid the amount of items chosen at the end in the boxes area.
The supermarket is organized in physical terms through the division of space on shelves or shelves on which are arranged according to certain more or less specific order products (store products, drinks, fresh food, sweets, bread, cleaning products, products of pharmacy, vegetables and fruits, etc.). The objective of this provision is that consumers can explore different halls freely to select necessary items. Also in this way compare prices, sizes and quantities of the different products offered.
This spatial organization is common and similar in all the supermarkets in the planet, becoming so clear themselves representatives of the phenomenon of globalization and capitalist. It is estimated that the products are arranged in such way that will encourage customers to buy more than necessary. In this sense, the items most needed or daily consumption usually placed at the end of the supermarket to force customers to take gondolas of products less necessary before reaching the first.
There are several types of supermarkets. While the medium-sized are the most common, you can also find convenience stores (those who have only a basic number of products) or supermarkets, the largest of all. The latter tend to add other products not as common as clothing and footwear, elaborate meals, imported products or gourmet, automotive elements, elements of decoration, etc.
One of the strongest criticisms to the system of supermarket itself has to do with the feeling of almost compulsive consumption generated by clients. In this sense, the easy access and the endless exposure to products is specially designed to tempt customers to buy items that had no thought at a first moment. On the other hand, also is criticized to the supermarket selling products that are normally available at specialty stores, falling sales of them.
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