What is the Meaning & Definition of terrestrial

The term 'land' is used to qualify all object, element, situation or phenomenon that has to do with the planet Earth. In this sense, the 'Globe' term can also appear but the first is much more common and applicable to various fields.
The variety of uses and meanings that has the term terrestrial is really great and is for this reason that can be found in all kinds of situations and elements since, obviously, all of them take place in the space of the globe.
In this sense, the ground floor is biologically active soil, implying that he allows the development of the life in its different forms. Their wealth is extremely varied, with different types of materials and surfaces around the world. In addition, it is extremely important for the variety of phenomena that happen since it has the essential features for the coexistence of all living beings.
The term terrestrial applies, then, from here to the elements that happen on this surface. As examples we can mention the terrestrial living beings (those who live on the mostly dry, or dry surfaces mainly composed of various types of land), terrestrial habitats (those that take place on those same surfaces and which are essentially determined by the environmental characteristics of the region), terrestrial phenomena (which happen in the planetary soil surface; most are nature-related phenomena).
Also speaks of terrestrial elements such as land transport (not air or sea, is that travels on roads, highways and land roads), land-based communications such as radio or television (the ones that are linked through conventional and not satellite signals), among many other possibilities in which the notion of planet Earth is always present.
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