What is the Meaning & Definition of intolerance to lactose

A frequent cause of colic abdominal pain, bloating, and flatulence is lactose intolerance. This disorder is due to genetic causes and is due to the absence or deficiency of an enzyme known as lactase, whose function is to participate in the digestion of milk, specifically in the degradation of one of sugars present in milk that is known as lactose. Lactose intolerance is a condition that affects a large part of the population, occurs from infancy, but can also appear in adulthood, as a result of surgeries that removed portions of the intestine or after infections affecting the functioning of the intestinal cells. This condition is recognized by the association between the onset of symptoms and the ingestion of milk or dairy products such as cheese, usually pain and distention are started after about thirty minutes of eating this type of food and may persist for several hours. This disorder a good interrogation is diagnosed usually enough to bring out the intolerance to lactose, confirms this to the disappearance of the symptoms with a dairy-free diet. Complementary studies are needed in the presence of doubts or to rule out other causes of these nuisances, mainly the Irritable Colon syndrome, disorder due to alterations in the motility of the colon, as well as the celiac disease, where the basic problem is an inflammatory reaction that occurs with the ingestion of gluten. The studies that allow to diagnose lactose intolerance are proof of hydrogen in the breath and the blood for lactose intolerance. Recommendations for people with lactose intolerance there are a series of measures that will be of great use if you suffer from this disorder • decrease their consumption of milk and cheese, often do not have to remove them completely from the diet but if you have to significantly reduce their consumption. • Read the labels of the food before consuming them, many processed products contain dairy products, especially products such as cereals, instant soups, salad dressings and mixes for cakes and biscuits. • On the market of milk in presentation lactose that can be ingested safely if you suffer from this disorder is available. • Can use lactase supplements before ingesting dairy products, this will help prevent the symptoms.

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