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Biography of Claudio Tolomeo

(Unknown - Unknown)

Claudio Tolomeo
Claudios Ptolemaios
Astronomer and mathematician
It is believed that he was born in Tolemaida, Thebaid, around the year 1Its name, Claudius 'Ptolemaeus' indicates that he lived in Egypt and 'Claudius' means that he was a Roman citizen. In fact, ancient sources claim he lived and worked in Alexandria, Egypt.
His first and most famous work wrote it originally in Greek, was translated into Arabic as al - Majisti (Magnum Opus). Medieval Latin translations reproduced the title as Almagesti, and since then it is known as the Almagest. In the letter, he raised a geometric theory to explain mathematically the movements and apparent positions of the planets, the Sun and the Moon against a background of stationary stars.
Initially accepted the theory maintained generally at that time that the earth didn't move, but that was at the center of the universe. Later it extended the theory in an attempt to explain the astronomical enigmas, which for example, apparent movements of recoil of the planets and the apparent variations of size, or brightness of the Moon and the planets. He explained that the planets, the Sun and the Moon revolved in small circles whose centers were to turn around much larger circumferences, which had its Center in the land. He used the term epicycle to describe the small circumference on which, according to his theory, were objects in space.
To make work the theory of epicycles, he had to introduce variations on traditional mathematics. This was one of the reasons why the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus rejected the system of Ptolemy in the 16th century and developed its own heliocentric theory, stating correctly that the Sun is located in the center of the Solar System. Even so, Copernicus held an elaborate system of epicycles.
Also contributed to mathematics through his studies at trigonometry and applied his theories to the construction of sundials and astrolabes. In his Tetrabiblon, applied astronomy to astrology and horoscopes creation. In geography, describes the world as people of his time knew it. This work, which uses a system of latitude and longitude, influenced the cartographers for hundreds of years. Ptolemy also devoted a treatise to music theory: Harmonicos, and in optics explored the properties of light, especially the refraction and reflection.
Ptolemy died in Canope, Egypt, 170.

Biography of Frank Bunker Gilbreth

(07/07/1868 - 1924/06/14)

Frank Bunker Gilbreth
Engineer and consultant in business administration
He was born on July 7, 1868 in Fairfield, Maine.
He began as an apprentice bricklayer, to become a general contractor in Boston.
With the collaboration of his wife, Lillian Evelyn Gilbreth (1878-1972), devised to structure established segments workprocesses, thus contributing to the Foundation of the time-and-motion. Frank B. Gilbreth, Inc., established Advisory engineers (1911), and led a summer school of scientific management in Providence, R.I., with his wife, he wrote a theory of scientific management (1911) and fatigue study (1916).
Frank Bunker died in Montclair, New Jersey, on June 14, 1924.

Biography of Thalia

(27/08/1972 - Unknown)

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda
Mexican singer / actress
He was born on August 27, 1972 in the City of Mexico.
Daughter of Yolanda Miranda Mange, a painter, and Ernesto Sodi Pallares, physician, criminologist and writer. It has four sisters: Laura Zapata, Federica, Gabriela and Ernestina Sodi.
When he was five, his father died. It was so hard hit that spent a year without speaking. He received several doctors and psychologists consultation.
He appeared in his first commercial television in Mexico with one year of age, and the four, began taking ballet classes at the National Conservatory of music of Mexico. He attended the Liceo Franco Mexicano, where he learned to speak French fluently at a very young age. In 1976, a year before the death of his father, he participated in the Mexican film the war of the pies, although its name did not appear in the film credits.
He began appearing on Televisa joining her older sister, actress, beginning at the age of 11 his career entering the group Din Din, and at age 12 is presented as soloist in Let's sing, a famous Mexican festival. Leave the Group Din Din and with 15 years enters the music group Timbiriche.
At age 16 he participates as Beatriz in the telenovela quinceañera started his career in soap operas, later appears in poor Miss Limantour and starring in light and shadow. Leaving the Group Timbiriche and began his career as a soloist with his first album titled: Thalia.
The following year released their second album: Crystal World. In 1992 he began his series of great successes in the Marias, first with María Mercedestelenovelas. So great was the event that viewers came out before their works not to miss the last chapters. In 1994 he began to burn Marimar and death of her boyfriend in a car accident. Marimar was a success, not only in Mexico but in other countries, as for example in the Philippines, where he had much success until a group guerilla criminals Marimar, and in the United States where he was second in hearings. That same year released the CD Marimar with songs of the telenovela, and in 1994 pulls out another CD: desires of Thalia - greatest hits, a collection of his greatest hits.
At the end of 1995 he began the shooting of Maria la del barrio. Also accompanied by the success of the CD with the music of the telenovela. With the success of its soap operas around the world, in 1995 recorded their fourth album long life under production by Emilio Estefan: in Ecstasy.
In 1997 he presents love Mexican, three soundtracks for the film Anastasia and Nandito Ako, a record in tagalog edited only in the Philippines. In 1999 he was the protagonist of Rosalinda, a soap opera alongside Fernando Carrillo. It also made his film debut in Hollywood with the film Café Mambo. In the year 2000 reached their album under the label of EMI: sweeping, featuring different genres such as pop, dance and ballads. In August 2001, launches with band Thalia: greatest hits.
In 2002, it is selling the seventh album with the title of Thalia, and on 22 September, in full promotion of the album, his sisters Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi are kidnapped. On 10 October they were released once his captors received the ransom money.
In 2005, is the sixth sense, his ninth Studio album. Her tenth Studio album, Lunada, produced by Emilio Estefan, went on sale in June 20July 30, 2009, he recorded a live album, front row, his first work after signing with Sony Music Entertainment. Inhabit me always was released on November 19, 2012 in the United States and Latin America under the label of Sony Music Latin, while in Europe was released in 2013 by BMG Music. Triple platinum was more gold in Mexico with sales of over 210,000 copies.
On December 5, 2013, he received a star on the walk of Fame in recognition of his successes. On March 25, 2014, he released his first album kids Kids Vol. I live in Mexico. His Studio Mio Amore album went on sale on November 17, 2014, being their third album number 1 in the Billboard Latin Top list.
On 2 December 2000, married to who by then was President of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York. On October 7, 2007 had their first daughter: Sabrina Sakaë, and on June 25, 2011, his second son, Matthew Alexander was born.

Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

(1847-03-03 - 1922/08/02)

Alexander Graham Bell
Scientist and speech therapist of Scottish origin
He was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh.
Son of Alexander Melville Bell, teacher, Eliza Grace Symonds. Had two brothers: James Melville Bell (1845-1870) and Edward Charles Bell (1848-1867), who died of tuberculosis.
While was born "Alexander", at age 10, she begged her father to have a second name and on his 11 birthday, his parents consented and was allowed to adopt the middle name "Graham", chosen by his admiration for Alexander Graham, a Canadian friend of the family.
He studied in his native city and Londonuniversities. In the year 1870 went to Canada arriving a year later to the United States, where he worked teaching deaf and spreading the system known as 'visible language'.
In 1872 he founded a school for deaf-mutes in Boston, Massachusetts, who later joined the Boston University, where he won the post of Professor of vocal Physiology. In 1882 he took U.S. citizenship.
On March 10, 1876, transmitted the first sentence of the story by phone, he said: "Watson, come here; I want you"(Watson, come here, I need you). Since I was 18 years old, he became interested in the idea of speech transmission. In 1874, while working in a multiple Telegraph , developed the basic ideas of what would be the phone. His experiments successfully tested on March 10, 1876 and their research enabled him to obtain the patent for the telephone in America in that same year, although the device had already been previously developed by Antonio Meucci, being finally recognized as its inventor on 11 June 2002.
It was in 1876 during the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), where definitely his invention was launched around the world and led him to organize the Telephone company Bellin 18In 1878, the first telephone exchange in New Haven, Connecticut, United States she opened and in 1884 was the first long distance call between the cities of Boston and New York.
In 1880 he was awarded the French VoltaPrize, worth 50,000 francs, by his invention. He founded the Volta laboratory in the city of Washington, where he created the photophone, transmitting sound by rays of light.
Some of their notable inventions are: audiometer - used to measure the sharpness of ear - balance of induction - used to locate metal objects in the human body - and the first wax record cylinder, introduced in 1886.
Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, his wife, became deaf at age five, and despite a first refusal it became known, 2 years later got married. Had two daughters and two sons, although the latter died at a very young age. His father-in-law was to become the first President of the National Geographic Society, and became the main promoter of its investigations. He was one of the co-founders of the National Geographic and is from 1897 to 1904, its second President. In 1883, he founded the journal Science.
From 1895 it became interested in Aeronautics. With a group of partners, including the inventor and American aviator Glenn Hammond Curtiss, developed the spoiler, a mobile section of a wing of aircraft which controls rolling.
In 1918 he wrote, length of life, and longevity-related conditions.
The last word of Bell said using sign language when his wife asked him to not abandon him, replied "no". Alexander Graham Bell died from complications of his diabetes, on August 2, 1922, at Beinn Bhreagh, Canada. The day of his burial telephone services from the United States stood for a minute in his honor.

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