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  1. Biography of Erasmus of Rotterdam
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  3. Biography of Radamel Falcao Garcia
  4. Biography of Heraclitus

Biography of Erasmus of Rotterdam

(1466/10/28 - 1536/07/11)

Erasmus of Rotterdam
Geert Geertsz
Dutch humanist, scholar, and writer
"Laugh at all is stupid, but not laugh at anything is stupid"
Erasmus of Rotterdam
The date of his birth is not known for certain, it is believed that it might be 26, 27 or 28 of October of 1466, near Rotterdam. Illegitimate son of Roger Gerard priest and the daughter of a physician.
He studied at the monastic School of Deventer and Hertogenbosch, and when his father died, became Augustinian in Steyn. In 1492 was ordered priest and worked for the Bishop of Cambray, studying Greek and scholastic philosophy at the University of Paris.
Disgusted by life priestly, sought a job secular, and later received the papal dispenses to live and dress as a secular scholar. From 1499 he toured many cities as a teacher and lecturer. He maintained a voluminous correspondence with important figures of the time.
He lived during the Renaissance, an era marked by the renewal of concepts of knowledge and the return to the origins of Greco-Roman antiquity. He worked teaching Greek at Cambridge, which contributed to the establishment of the humanism in England, and in particular, to the development of the classic studies in Christian teaching. During his stay in Italy he received his doctorate from the University of Turin and became friends with the Venetian Publisher Aldo Manuzio. His intellectual popularity was such that he was invited Kings, emperors or rulers of his time.
Described as the 'Prince of humanism' he wrote all his works in latin. It was defined as the defender of Latin elegance, the international language of his time. He edited and translated many biblical texts, he wrote essays, wrote hundreds of letters, with a huge success throughout Europe learned. His Colloquia, the Adagia, its Ciceronianus and his Enchiridion militis christiani multiplied its editions and resounded throughout Europe. His work highlights his adages (1500, extended in 1508), collection of Latin proverbs which gave him fame. In his early works he criticizes the corruption of the Church. In Manual of the Christian Knight (1503) and in praise of folly (Encomion moriae laus stultitiae seu, 1511), dedicated to Thomas more, which advocates a return to the primitive Christian ethics and that he composed on horseback, during its journey from Italy to England. Before being an ironic blood libel and an attack on a rule directed against the behaviors of the secular or religious ruling classes, the praise is before all a gift from the humanist to his friend More that you resided in England.
His most significant work was the translation into Greek of the New Testament (1516), based on new manuscripts. His ideal was a gradual and peaceful of the Church and civil society, reform to achieve a humane society, where the man could be developed to the maximum. It also showed progressive views on education about the method of the study (1511) and firm but friendly children's education (1529). He is considered the forerunner of the Reformation, his works were included in the index of works prohibited by the Council of Trent.
In the Swiss city of Basel was friend and editor of the Publisher Johann Froben, with whom he shared a House and who printed his works from 15In that city he died of dysentery July 11, 15

Biography of Juan Vicente Gómez

(1857/07/24 - 1935/12/18)

Juan Vicente Gómez
Military and Venezuelan politician, President (1908-1914, 1922-1929, 1931-1935)
He was born on July 24, 1857 at the hacienda La Mulera, close to San Antonio del Táchira. Son of Peter Cornelius Gomez and Hermenegilda Chacon Alarcón, who besides had other 12 children.
After the death of his father on January 14, 1883, Juan Vicente became the "head of household" and took control of all businesses dedicated to the work of the field and livestock.
In 1888 he makes friends with Cipriano Castro, Governor of the Táchira. In 1892, as Commissioner of Guerra and with the rank of Colonel, he acted with Castro in defense of the Government of Raimundo Andueza Palacio, who was finally overthrown by the so-called 'Legalist revolution'. He spent seven years exile near Cucuta.
He supported the Liberal Restauradora revolution that brought Castro to power in 18Pacified Tachira confronted the Revolución Libertadora (1902), getting the victory and a great military prestige. In 1908 when President Castro traveled sick Europe left in power. Since then (December 19, 1908), and until the day of his death, he ruled so dictatorial during his three presidential terms.
Like other leaders in power, Gómez made Constitution reform several times to extend the period of Government and allow re-election. Since 1908 the Congress named him interim President; and then, successively, constitutional President for the periods 1910-1915; 1915-1922; 1922-1929, and 1929-19For this latter period she pretended to not accept and recommended to Dr. Juan Bautista Pérez , whom Congress appointed immediately. But in 1931 Gomez did resign and was in charge of the Presidency until his death.
During his Government broke several times of the Presidency; but keeping the post of Commander in Chief of the army. August 1913 to January 1914, in charge of the Presidency to Dr. José Gil Fortoul; and in the period from 1915 to 1922, Dr. Victoriano Márquez Bustillos.
Benefited greatly with the emergence of the oil. In 1930 he cancelled debt, as a tribute to Simón Bolívar, on the 100th anniversary of his death. It disqualified the opposition parties and severely punished crime. Brothers, sons and other relatives occupied senior positions in the Government. Gomez passed to commanders, who preceded him in that harness the power for own enrichment. It was the largest land owner: herds ranging in the hundreds of thousands of acres and turned it into the leading supplier of meat throughout the country; It had more than 60% of all livestock from Venezuela; the game was legalized and became a monopoly of the Gomez family; He also monopolized navigation fluvial and coastal; electricity in several cities; sugar of sugar, coffee and cocoa haciendas; small industries of fabrics, SOAP, cigarettes, candles, glass, oils, hotels, etc.
Juan Vicente Gómez died on December 18, 1935 in Maracay.

Biography of Radamel Falcao Garcia

(1986/02/10 - Unknown)

Radamel García Zárate
Colombian footballer
He was born on February 10, 1986 in Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia.Known as "El Tigre" and Falcao in honor of the Brazilian crack, Idol of his father, Radamel García, former central defender in Colombia and Venezuela teams during the decades of the 80s and 90s of the last century.
During his residence in Venezuela he played baseball in the children's categories of El Vigía, but returning to Colombia was devoted to football participating in children's and youth tournaments as a forward. He made his debut at 13 years and 112 days playing in the Lancers Boyaca against Deportivo Pereira on August 28, 1999, becoming the player younger in a tournament of professional football in Colombia. Right-handed although he does not hesitate to use his left leg if it is necessary to pull a door. Player versatile, although its ideal position is striker or second point, but is not surprising to see him play a little more late as playmaker, or end, adapts to any position of attack.
In 2001, it is signed by River Plate of Argentina for $500,0His first professional match in the first Division of Argentina was the torneo Clausura 2005. He suffered a ligament injury during the preseason that prevents him from playing the Clausura 2006 tournament. He debuted internationally in the Copa Sudamericana 2006 against Atlético Paranaense.
The River rejected offers offers from AC Milan, Deportivo La Coruna, Fluminense and Aston Villa by it and which reached the $ 20,000,000 in 20On June 8 of that year won the Clausura tournament under the technical direction of Diego Simeonewith River Plate. In July 2009 it was confirmed his transfer to F. C. Porto 5.5 million euros and five seasons. In the 2010-2011 League FC Porto won the League in Portugal. It is striker at Atlético Madrid of Spain First Division from August 18, 2011 for a sum estimated at 40 million euros...
In 2005, won with the selection Colombia u-20 in the South American in its category. He played in the Youth World Cup in 2005 in the same year. On February 7, 2007 it played in the Colombia - Uruguay with the senior team and the 3 June 2007 scoring his first goal with the Colombian Jersey to Montenegro in Japan national football team, during the Kirin Cup.
It came to be the player who scored more goals in a single season of a European tournament when he played at FC Porto in the UEFA European League for the 2010-2011 season.
In Europe it conquers the continental glory. With Porto, managed the only goal in the Europa League final between his team and the Sporting de Braga. At the same end of the following season, because of team and Athletic Bilbao, he scored two that gave him the win. In his third presence in a European final opposite had the Almighty Chelsea , which slipped three goals leaving in evidence to the defence of the European champion. After this match it is cataloged as the best striker in the world.
On May 31, 2013 AS Mónaco made official the signing of striker for five seasons, so the Colombian left the discipline of Atletico Madrid after two campaigns in which won a Europa League, a Supercopa of Europe and a Copa del Rey.
In September 2014, Manchester United managed to transfer for a season of the until then front of Monaco. British club paid around € 10 million and reserves an option to purchase.
The 3 July 2015, Chelsea announced that it reached an agreement with Monaco for the incorporation of the Colombian forward who last season was assigned to Manchester United. "I am very happy to join Chelsea and already I am looking forward to start workouts and help the team to retain the League title and achieve successes in Europe," Falcao said in a statement on the Chelsea website.
Married with argentina Lorelei Tarón who met at an Evangelical Church that was in Buenos Aires. On August 13, 2013 was born his daughter Dominique García Tarón.

Biography of Heraclitus

(Unknown - Unknown)

Greek philosopher
Invisible harmony is larger than the visible harmony
He was born on the 535 b.c. at Ephesus.
Son of Blison, belonging to an old aristocratic family.
His work is aphoristic insights derived from the Ionian School of Greek philosophy, it was called The dark of Ephesus because of his solitary life and darkness and misanthropy of his philosophy, is considered one of the initiators of Greek metaphysics.
He was critical of the ceremonies of the popular religion of his time and thought into the fire as a creative primary substance of the phenomena of the sensible world. It incorporated the concept of "devenir" whereas a basic reality underlying all things. He said that the Foundation of all things is in a constant change. Everything is transformed in a process of birth and destruction to which nothing escapes. He argued that a person could not bathe in the same river twice and that virtue consists in the subordination of the individual to a reasonable and universal harmony laws.
It seems that he wrote a single book now lost, nature, divided into three sections: "about the universe", "Politics" and "Theology".
Towards the end of his life retreated to the mountains where fed on grasses and plants, cause what ill of dropsy and had to return to the city. Doctors in an enigmatic way asked if they could make rain to a drought. As these might not perceive it, he buried himself in a dunghill, hoping that manure heat absorb you moisture.
Heraclitus died about 484 a. C.

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