Chalkley Treehouse In South Africa

Chalkley Treehouse is a private tree houses are very beautiful and fascinating landscape can also see Africa that stretches wide and very pretentious. The Treehouse is a platform that is secure and luxurious under the African stars, with all the comforts so that visitors can experience like a five-star hotel. Chalkley Treehouse is equipped with a comfortable bed and a dining table that is designed with a very romantic. Picnic to enjoy a night of stars and the sky is blue. Accompanied by the melodious sound of birds and lush trees, always give peace all its own.

The first room is Chalkley Treehouse made by Aubrey Chalkley, owner of Lion Sands. This tree house he built in 1993. Guests can also enjoy dinner and sleep in a tree house and a vast stretch of sky accompanied by incredible beauty. In the evenings, guests can hear the sound of lions and other animals. But no need to worry, this room belongs to secure. Because the Lions will not be close to the tree house. In the morning you will be greeted with a welcome by the birds perched on the fence or bed. You’ll also hear the sound of the water of the river Sabie exist around a mile from the tree house, or elephants who walk slowly through the Mainland at a distance 200 meters. This you will Chalkley Treehouse is presented with such a charming landscape views of Africa with blue sky and white clouds. Not to mention some of the wildlife that surrounds them. Each visitor is made to fall hearts by sunset. Good luck.