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Highlights From the Book of 1 Samuel - Bible Reading

Highlights From the Book of 1 Samuel - Information for personal study

First Samuel Highlights Importance of Obedience

THE importance to Christians of obedience can hardly be overemphasized. In particular is this true as to God’s commands to them. Is not all the trouble in the world due to our first parents’ having disobeyed God’s command forbidding their eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad? Yes, those who desire God’s approval must obey him.—Gen. 2:16, 17; 3:1-19.
The book of First Samuel serves very well in stressing the importance of obedience. It not only contains precepts commanding obedience but illustrates the fruits of obedience and the results of disobedience.
Originally this book constituted with Second Samuel one volume (scroll). It covers upward of 100 years of Israel’s history, from shortly before the birth of Samuel, who proved to be the last of the line of judges, to the death of Saul, the first of Israel’s kings. The outstanding historical event it records is Israel’s change from rulership by judges to a monarchy. Three persons are made most prominent, the prophet Samuel, King Saul and David. The book covers in sequence: (1) Samuel and his judgeship; (2) Saul’s early kingship; (3) David’s exploits, Saul’s persecution of David and Saul’s suicide on the field of battle.
There has been much conjecture as to who wrote the book of First Samuel. However, for those with faith in the Bible’s inspiration, 1 Chronicles 29:29 is plain: “As for the affairs of David the king, the first ones and the last, there they are written among the words of Samuel the seer and among the words of Nathan the prophet and among the words of Gad the visionary.” That is, the prophet Samuel wrote all of Samuel until his death, as recorded at 1 Samuel 25:1, Nathan and Gad writing the rest. And that is the view held by ancient Jewish scholars as well as by most of the early Christian scholars.
As to the authenticity or the genuineness of the things recorded in the book: Many of its events are referred to in the book of Psalms and in the Christian Greek Scriptures; there is a straightforwardness and candor that stamps the book as truth. Archaeology also has testified to the accuracy of some of the things that the book records.
Further, the literary quality of the books of Samuel is such, in fact, that it might be said to add weight to its authenticity. Says a noted Hebrew authority: “Samuel contains some of the finest examples of Hebrew prose in the Bible. . . . Like all good Hebrew, it achieves the maximum effect with the greatest economy of words. Its narratives are masterpieces of historical writing.” This is something we would expect from Samuel, as he heard the Scriptures read at the sanctuary from the time he was weaned. The prophets Nathan and Gad may well have attempted to imitate his writing.

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Download information for the personal Studio for Computer, Tablet PC, Smartphone

Tips for buying clothes online

Today, almost anything you can buy on the Internet and it is possible to get the best prices that local stores, which always tempts us.
If you are a fan of fashion, or simply want to save some bills by buying online, we want to give you some Tips for buying clothes online. With which you'll not only save money, but that you can buy the size that you need.
Something very important to point out, is that the clothes also pays taxes to enter your country. Each nation has a minimum amount on which is applied VAT and taxes of internment. It tends to be around $30. Find out the corresponding to your country and saving you money. Sometimes it is better to place more than one order, especially if the shipping is free or very cheap.

Calculate the size

In each country, the way to label clothes by size is different, and in addition brands have their own system of sizes, so you never know if it will be you, too big or too small.
If you want to know what size you belong according to the country, you can make it through online applications. One of them is Calcuworld that, in Spanish, helps us find the size corresponding to different places, calculators for men, women and children, both in clothing and footwear.
One of the best ways to be sure of the size that we need, is to take action. And, ideally, someone to help you to obtain more accurate results.
Most of the clothing online stores let you calculate the size according to measurements. And if they are in inches, you can use an online converter.

Beware of Chinese clothing... And not only for the quality

The Asians, tend to be very thin body, so even if you buy the size that we use normally, this we will have short or tight.
If you are going to buy clothes in China, always opt for one more size you normally use, two if you use a system of numerical sizes and not letters. To buy safely the most sellers offer a comparative chart in inches or centimeters of the different clothes and their respective sizes. We recommend you read and compare with your measurements to make the right purchase.

And when you buy shoes?

One of the more complicated to buy without try on clothing items are shoes, since not only must stay well in size, but also to feel them comfortable. In general, is not the best idea to buy shoes online.
If you just want to buy them, there is a way to measure its size either. Take off your shoes and socks and requests another person to draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Take measures according to the drawing. Not only midas in outline, but that the height of your instep. If you are a high instep, buy shoes always is more complicated.

You are looking for information and discount coupons

Before you buy in a store online, search online experiences that have had others, so you check very important data when it comes to what to buy or tricks to get better results.
If you want to buy in an American store, these are often accept coupons. A way to find them is through website Retail Me Not, where you can find discount codes to use.
The best moments to buy are, for example, during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday (first Friday and second Monday in November), or special sales that are made in as the 4th of July holidays and other public holidays.
It saves money and prevents to spend hours in a mall. If done well, buy clothes on the Internet is a great way to be trendy economizing.
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What is a necropolis?

The origin of the word and tells us a lot, "Necros" comes from Greek and means dead; then comes "polis" meaning city; Total necropolis is a "city of the dead" or as we say in a slightly colloquial "city of the dead". Well, someone will say, is it not better to say cemetery? In some cases yes but in others it would not be at all appropriate, in addition, following the judgment of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy that a "cemetery" is a graveyard of great proportions, greater than usual, and there is the problem today cemeteries are very large as populations require it. Nor is there a real impediment to apply the term to any cemetery. Now the Greeks coined the term to name the huge funerary monuments built not only them, but they observed in Egypt and Mesopotamia and were older than themselves. All the more reason to call the modern cemeteries cemetery for you are also full of memorials, and in my humble opinion, most are a bit less lavish than the old, but they are still great monuments.

If anything has characterized all human work is precisely the complexity of the funeral rites we have, respect there for the dead and death itself. Nobody knows why these beliefs but from the earliest times found tombs where you can find objects and tokens of appreciation for the deceased as evidenced by a Neolithic tomb where the remains of an old woman lying sideways found in fetal position with many objects around and even a dog on which rests his hand, like a gesture of stroking.

To the extent that human beings began to settle the problem that the dead could not be buried within human settlements themselves arises and this is how comes the practice of tombs outside thereof. Presumably, as cities grow these scattered tombs began to impede the growth of settlements then chances are it was decided to place all in one place so as to prevent the villages themselves profaned the tombs to grow, so must be the way that cemeteries are born. This will not give rise to the proper cemeteries, but the dead are buried near roads giving access to the cities, first because this is no access to the graves of ancestors, remember there is great veneration by deceased, and because there would have to travel a lot with rotting corpses. And the putrefaction is what generates the boom of the ancient necropolis. For whatever reason are encouraged to preserve the bodies of those who die and then it becomes necessary to have a place where "are resting for eternity". So true born necropolis, funerary monuments of one or many important characters. In the "Valley of Kings" in Egypt, establishing the most famous of all to prevent grave robbers steal the treasures that you honor the dead, although precisely what isolated site allowed a more "thorough" looting and to date are very few graves that remain intact, as would a friend of mine who has since died, "or the grave has one peace." For the Greeks had to look like real cities in the middle of nowhere where silence contrasted with the bustle of the city inhabited by the living.

In America there are also some cities of the dead standing which belongs to the "Culture of St. Augustine" in Colombia. I say to finish that during the Middle Ages cemeteries were not considered as important as in ancient times and had many practical reasons for this: pests and terrible wars engulfing the entire planet did not give truce was but a priority: bury and urgently; nobles did not need lavish mausoleums that were buried in the crypts incorporating chapels and churches, but in many cases these crypts were beautifully decorated, very typical of the Gothic style of the time.

In the nineteenth century, from the Victorian era, re-built huge funeral complex, especially extolling the "superiority" of European culture and its power over the world; mentality that end with World War II, or at least we hope. The funerary monuments become a little more modest given the practical-minded society of the mid and late twentieth century, which is discarded course today the idea of ​​an authentic "Necropolis", but the size of the cemeteries becomes enormous, given the number of people living in today's world. Nothing lasts forever, not even the monuments like the pyramids of Egypt, which brings us one step to immortality are not the things we do, it is genetic heredity passed from one generation to another in our children.
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Who were the Mayas?

Moreover we do not know what we know: With Maya same thing happens to other pre-Columbian cultures. And in the particular case of them the reason could not be simpler: the arrival of the Spanish in America many codices were adorned with the figure of "Quetzalcoatl", the feathered serpent and remember that one of the prejudices of the Middle Ages to associate the snake with the devil, then were burned as evil things; let's not be harsh to judge this to our ancestors, every age and civilization have them.

They inhabited the southern border states of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras which collectively is known as Mesoamerica. The history of the Maya has been divided into three periods for study: the Preclassic or older than this century BC X until the fourth century A.D. ; the classic that reaches the tenth century; Postclassic ending in the seventeenth century. In the first period a population sits in Peten (Guatemala) or a little further north, whose origin is entirely unknown even when you speculate Olmec origin or not, the fact is that they descend the Maya and began with a primarily agricultural economy based on exchange with few military-type activities and a simple religion that worshiped the spirits.

In the mid to late this time the Mayans made mathematical and astronomical discoveries that have become famous among some scholars. In the classical period settlements become cities, the social structure is more complex, religion and pantheon of gods includes an expanded by centuries of tradition and technology that allows them to perform the great buildings that we can still see mythology. His army becomes very important achievements, and even when there is little evidence, had to be sacrificed as it seems cruel to the vanquished.

Because of these few references long (and very naively) thought that the Maya were a peaceful people, ruled by priests who did not stop to have their importance despite the noble ruling class. In the post-classical period a slow abandonment of large cities and religious centers which is a mystery to archaeologists and historians as not explained by any theory as were abandoned occurs, opinions are very adverse to each other, some think it could be a civil war, others think plagues many in that drained agricultural soils and the fantasy of many who think great things, all very possible because they often leave historical records.

In my personal opinion I think we can no longer speak of a culture if not many Postclassic cultures as shown in such a large number of dialects encountered by the Spanish arrival in America no less than 40. In order're talking about a period of decline where culture is branched into other ethnicities or merges with another and although we speak of small kingdoms never have the splendor of the classical period.

The Mayans provide us with engineering tools from the Stone Age will not even be compared to that used by the Egyptians in the Bronze Age, a numerical system that includes zero many centuries before the Hindus find it. The Maya also give us a much more perfect than the Julian solar calendar, which is just a little later, and that was not found a precedent throughout pre-Columbian America. The cultural richness of the current Mayan and ethnic groups descended from them just give us a little idea of ​​their ancient culture and its classic period.
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Who were the Incas?

The Incas began as a village of a few hundred people settled down in what is known today under the name of "Valley of Cuzco" on the Peru. It was formed by several ethnic groups who meet and some legends try to explain the why but for sure no one knows it. What they have in common the legends is the story of a town that was born from the union of dispossessed people attracted by a pair of "children of the Sun" that are brothers and husbands.

With the Incas were expanding their territories by means of very bloody wars and in some cases by alliances. Between the 11th century when its first ruler, Manco Capac, cover Cuzco and the 16th century, when the Spaniards arrive to these lands, their empire came from the South of Colombia following the Pacific coast until practically all over Chile. The term "inca" comes from the quechua and does not have a single translation, "Prince" are the most common or "King", even if usually use the term to refer to any citizen of the Empire the title of "El Inca" only could apply to the emperor.

To the best of its glory the Incas called their domains as "Tahuantinsuyu" which we translate as "the four parts of the world" or more colloquial form "all four sides of the world," hinting that they covered all known. His Government was eminently military, with excellent management and simple social organization: royalty composed by the Inca, his wife and heir; the nobility that included the other relatives of the Emperor and important people as priests; then were the people, servers of the Empire and slaves.

The economy of the Incas was based on the exchange of products. As for agriculture Excel techniques that allow you to pay without damaging the environment, using manure or small fish. In addition water between plots-filled grooves could be considered precedent of hydroponic techniques because they satisfy the same purpose: create a microclimate that attenuate the inclemency of the weather and to decrease the action of pests. Its advances in this are as notable as in mathematics and language with a huge disadvantage: they performed her quipus endorsements, string color which made knots as a language, but which many interpreted more as a memory resource.

The perishable fibers that quipus were made made most of the written history to be lost with the exception of the rescued by some historians of the time. In the construction of the Incas is the juxtaposition of rocks, with this technique were able to term to whole having almost unworked stones cities saving materials and effort with such finesse that today might not be passing a sheet of paper between two rocks despite the shekels that have elapsed. In metallurgy, we would say that the Incas were in the equivalent of the bronze age even though they already knew the iron, which used more like jewel or ornament. It was a great civilization, organized and magnificent that if not for the civil war in was Spaniards would have cost them much conquer it.
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Concept and What is: Acrophobia | Psychology

The acrophobia consists of exaggerated and irrational fear of heights.

Normally, people feel scared at some level of high places, especially when there is no protection. However, individuals who suffer from acrophobia feel an extreme fear of high places, and may experience a panic attack when exposed to elevated heights, getting overly agitated until it finds a place in which to feel secure.

It is estimated that between 2 to 5% of the world's population suffer from acrophobia, being that women are twice more this disorder when compared to men.

This form of phobia can be triggered by trauma. However, many researchers believe that the fear of heights is, in reality, a survival instinct, as it is observed in babies and also in other mammalian species. However, the term phobia is reserved only to those who have an extreme fear of heights, which is beyond the individual's control.

The clinical manifestations are present in this syndrome include:

Get the to cling or a location considered safe;
Belief of being unable to rely on their own balance.

In addition, some individuals may try to descend immediately, crawling or with the body down with your knees on the floor. The demonstrations present in any other phobia as excessive sweating, heart palpitations, shaking, crying and screaming are also observed on acrophobia.

The main concern with whom he has acrophobia are the limitations that the patients they put in their lives, preventing the same to carry out various activities of everyday life. However, something curious is that typically patients with acrophobia don't feel fear of flying.

The main way of dealing with acrophobia is through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Behavioral techniques, which make the patient confront the dreaded situation, are commonly used. Anxiolytic drugs can also be used in association with CBT.
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Concept and What is: Psychological Counseling | Psychology

Psychological counseling is the theory of Carl Rogers person-centered approach in your feelings, conflicts, and perceptions, believing in the potential of man and therefore ability to grow and give new meaning to your life. Counseling technique is related to the problem-solving, decision-making and self-knowledge, allows the person working with their resources in a short time, besides enabling the service and reception of a great demand. This type of support has educational, preventive action and solutions-oriented situational of immediate problems, it is more directed to action than reflection with cautionary sense. This service is a moment where the person can recover and find shelter during their walk.

Psychological counseling is not giving advice, but focuses on facilitating the process of patient's choices in the decisions that must be taken regarding the profession, family, relationships and etc. There is a specific case, some people seek Advice to simply can talk, others to know some information and some still have serious and frames can be forwarded to psychotherapy.

Psychological counseling is often seen as a practice that provides "solutions" to small or large misalignment of conduct or even to give clear directions for decisions to be taken by a patient. These ideas are quite connected with the first practice in Psychological Counseling, but not continued the development of the technique.

Originated in the United States around 1910, the advice was founded with the aim of infantile and Juvenile Guidance, but the technique that dominated between the decades of 20 and 60 were those of psychodiagnosis. In Brazil, the field of Psychological Counseling began to develop only the 70.

Currently, the counseling is seen as a learning process with wellness goals to adapt the subject as the values he assigns to life. The human being carries capabilities and potentialities that can be measured and developed and therefore has potential for evolution and change, thereby the Adviser should take the place of organising model standards of conduct, social values and habits of citizenship actively and directly.

In more severe cases, the client should be referred to psychotherapy, but more important than the task of forwarding it or not the therapy is the task of taking him in his suffering. However the main purpose of Counseling is to reduce the risks in the health of the client resulting from concrete changes, developing the uniqueness and accentuating the individuality, modifying negative behaviors, improving the quality of life of the client in addition to the humanization of the services.
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5 apps to combine your clothes

It fashion, is a concern of many people, and not all have eyes of designer to be combined as models every day. The good thing is that always is the technology to give us a hand.
If you want to have a closet that is worthy of a socialite , and leave everyone with the mouth open with your outfits, we will present you some apps special to combine your clothes.

5 Cloth

If you have lots of clothes, it is difficult to categorize it and know how to choose the look that is suitable for every day. Cloth, is an application that helps us look provided as models.
Available for devices iOS, this application allows you to take photos of your garments, organizing them according to categories and tags. When you want to choose, you can try the look from your smartphone and try if you combine, without having to be testing outfits.
It Cloth, has also a very interesting function: reviewing the State of the climate for that day, recommends how you should dress to not pass heat or cold.
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If you're a fashion expert, you can take pictures and send them to the site of Cloth; the rest of the users can put them note and add comments that will help you in your journey of fashionista.

4 pose

With versions for Androidand iOS , Pose is an application dedicated to help you say what to wear each day, with ideas that are customized according to the place where you live, occasion and personal style, as well as being a mini social network for lovers of fashion.
Pose, not only works with the photos that you have, that you can save in your application through photos, but also presents options that you might like and can be purchased online.
If you have a casual party or going to a wedding, Pose you will find the best outfit for you, considering both the things that you have in the cupboard, as also suggestions that you can buy.
If you go crazy with an outfit, you can save it as a favorite and access it whenever you want. Each user has a profile, where she shared what she likes, and can interact with the rest of the community.

3 ASAP54

You like a dress you saw in the street and I want for you? Instead of stopping to that strange to ask where you bought it, you can take your mobile phone and use a special app.
It's ASAP54, an app dedicated to discover fashion and, than by a process of image analysis, detecting which store or collection is an outfit, just need to show a photo.
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ASAP54, recognizes not only clothes, but it also puts at your disposal a team of stylists
professionals who recommend you the best costumes. It is also a vibrant community of fashionistas; If this app fails to find a dress for the photo, they agree to do so within 24 hours, not bad.
See other styles and receive suggestions!

2 Walk In My Closet

Any fashion lover should know this application called Walk In My Closet, where you can create your own virtual closet for then compare, buy, sell, or simply keep your shopping list.
This application also has link with Instagram, so if you are also a lover of this social network you can access and publish your images, expanding the means by which you can give to your style.
Would you like that the world can marvel at your closet and advice concerning new trends? Then Walk In My Closet is the application that you are looking for!

1 WiShi

Our greatest recommendation comes from an application based on a start-up, seeking bring out the best of fashion and social networks. We are talking about WiShi, a social network that also invites you to create a virtual closet, to share with other users.
Once done that, you can use your camera to WiShi Cam system adding quick and easy your items to your profile, and next to the large community of WiShi create the best combinations.
Another facility that offers this application is to create themed outfits, whether you want to attend a gala party, a casual way out with your friends, a romantic date or a halloween party.
Do you use applications to help you with the costumes? Now you already have several options to enhance your style and get the better of you.
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Who were the Aztecs?

The Aztecs were a pre-Columbian people who stood in what today is part of the center of Mexico. The height of its existence took place between centuries XIV and XVI of our era. The capital of those who forged a true civilization to the arrival of the Spaniards in America was Tenochtitlan, which was built between the islands of Lake Texcoco, where today is the city of Mexico. The Aztec civilization included a disciplined education, as well as the belief in a complex mythology. The arrival of Europeans to the new world, what most impressed them was the practice of human sacrifice possessing these pre-Columbian inhabitants.

Historically, it is believed that those who were the Aztecs came from the area north of Mexico, and that they came to inhabit the area where today is located the Mexican capital towards the year 1200 of our era. When settled, they found that the area was inhabited by other local tribes, whereupon had permission to them to settle; a situation that involved to assimilate with other existing cultures. According to legend, the Aztecs had a vision in the Texcoco Lake Eagle Inn in a cactus with a snake under your feet. This vision indicated the place where your home should be found. In this way, this nascent civilization founded the capital Tenochtitlan in the year 1325 on one of the islands of the Lake. Later, in the beginning of the 15th century, the Aztecs allied themselves with other neighboring towns founded in this way the Triple Alliance, which possessed a hegemonic domain of this historic town. Supposed that this Alliance would dominate much of the country, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific coast. This is how the Empire reached its maximum splendor between 1486 to 1502 under the reign of Ahuitzotl. In the year 1519, Spaniards under the command of Hernán Cortés arrived in the Gulf of Mexico; and they strategically decided to ally with the enemies of the Aztecs, Tlaxcala Alliance... In July of the year 1520, hostilities reached their point ends with the massacre in the main temple, which meant the death of Moctezuma, who was then leader of the legendary in that town. Finally on August 13 of the same year, the conquerors destroyed the capital. The Spanish conquest brought with it, in addition to the disappearance of the Aztec culture, a tremendous decrease in population due to epidemics of plague. The first one came to pass between 1520 and 1521, where between 50% and 10% of the population of the Valley of Mexico ceased to exist. Subsequently took place two gigantic pests; the first between 1545 and 1548; and the second between 1576 and 1581. It is interesting to note that as a result of these circumstances the population in Mexico declined from 15 million before the conquest, to 2 million in 1581.

The legacy of the Aztecs, can be seen today in the Mexican population through miscegenation which brought with it the arrival of the Spaniards. Nahuatl, official language of those who were part of this legendary town, keep talking by some indigenous groups that inhabit mountainous areas close to the city of Mexico. It also should be noted that much of the Mexican cuisine, is based on the agricultural products used by what were the Aztecs.
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What is the history of the discovery of America?

Consider what is the truth about the history of the discovery of America is quite complex, but commonly in the West tend to think that Cristóbal Colón was the discoverer of America, actually the people who crossed the Bering Strait during the last glacial period were which actually performed this feat for the first time. Much later, around the year 1000 Leif Ericson a.d. became the first man in the old world, to reach the East coast of Canada (Newfoundland), which sailed via Iceland and Greenland to Canada. Then, it was only on October 12, 1492, when Cristóbal Colón goes down in history as the character responsible for this great discovery. In this article I will delve into the fact from Cristóbal Colón.

Cristóbal Colón idea was to find a route to the land of the species, going from West to East, since the famous silk road was dominated by the Ottoman Turks. In this way, in 1492 it undertakes a trip (funded by the Crown of Spain) 3 months from the port of Palos in Spain, to San Salvador (Island which today forms part of the Bahamas). Despite this feat in the history of mankind, Cristóbal Colón, which always believed that he had come to the West Indies, never knew that he had actually made the discovery of America. Subsequently, other European discoverers continued this story. It is as well as in the year 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral discovers the Brazil. Américo Vespucio, to realize that the discovered by Columbus was actually a big continent and not the arrival to the West Indies. Also others such as Samuel Champalin, financed by France, started the exploration of Canada.

Few years after the discovery of America, and as a result of this feat in history, large oceanic expeditions, which aimed to discover new riches for sponsoring Nations begin. It is as well as in 1520, Hernando de Magallanes, crosses the Strait of the same name in South America and is his expedition, which manages to circumnavigate the planet. However, the discovery of new worlds, has fanned tensions between European countries interested in the riches. So, as as a result of this discovery conflicts occur for centuries between Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

The discovery of America meant that both Spain and Portugal, two poor countries until the year 1492, since they were just out of the Arab rule in the Iberian peninsula, to become the leading world powers during the 16th century. So much so that it was Felipe II, King of Spain from the anos1556 to 1598, which pointed out that in the Spanish empire ever was the Sun. On the other hand it meant that "indigenous" peoples suffered the often inhuman subjugation of countries discoverers and conquerors.
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