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Elephants In Ancient Indian Warfare › Antique Origins

Elephants were used in the ancient Indian army, irrespective of regions, dynasties, or points in time; their importance was never denied and continued well into the medieval period as well. The ready availability in the subcontinent of the Indian elephant ( Elephas maximus indicus ), one of the three recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant and native to mainland Asia, led to its gradual taming and use in both peace and war. Capable of fulfilling a variety of military functions, the most important of which was the psychological impact it could cause, nonetheless, the elephant was both a boon and a bane.Despite the defects, the ancient Indians continued to believe in their efficacy even when the ground results showed otherwise.One main reason was the concept of military prowess associated with possessing and employing these huge beasts.

War Elephants of the Rashtrakutas, Ellora Caves THE ELEPHANT ON THE BATTLEFIELD Virtually every ruler in India possessed elephants and used them to fu…

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