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City on Both Riverbanks - Visiting Amphipolis › Ancient Egyptian Government › Ancient Egyptian Law » Origins and History

Articles and Definitions › ContentsCity on Both Riverbanks - Visiting Amphipolis › OriginsAncient Egyptian Government › OriginsAncient Egyptian Law › OriginsAncient civilizations › Historical places, and their charactersCity on Both Riverbanks - Visiting Amphipolis › OriginsAncient CivilizationsAuthor:Spyros KamilalisThis visit filled me with great pride. I was about to explore the history of my home region. The things that were happening ages ago to the place that my ancestors called home. My home city, on the banks of the Strymon river, is a very ancient settlement, dating back to the 1400's BCE, but it only became an important town, even reaching the level of provincial capital, during the Byzantine era, especially during and after the reign of the Macedonian dynasty. My home city is Serres, ancient Siris, and before the Byzantine period it was playing second fiddle to the other famous ancient city in the area: Amphipolis. Lion of AmphipolisFollowing the stream of the river Stry…

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