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AUGUST 25-31, 2014

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Definition, concept, meaning, what is bud


1. Concept of Bud

Bud is a term used to name a fledgling stem that grows on a plant, a flower that is about to open, or a tree that is only beginning to be developed. For example: "Look at all the buds that have Garden Roses!", "plant had given a new sapling, but broke it the wind," "I love this time because the Park is full of buds".
In a symbolic way, the notion of sapling is used to name the boys or young people who are in age of development and that stand out for their sympathy and their beauty: "my sapling is a birthday party", "the buds are playing football in the square", "You have to recognize that Federico grew and that no longer your little sapling".
The teacher of a primary school, in this sense, can refer to their students as their buds. It may indicate a mother about her children or a child team on their small players coach.
The concept of sapling symbolically conveys the idea of growth and development. A sapling is always something that is evolving or advancing toward maturity. On the other hand, the notion is also linked to the beauty, since flowers are usually seen as something beautiful.
Bud, finally, is a term that appears in the name of some neighborhoods (such as one in the town of Mercedes, in the Argentine Province of San Luis) and the title of different songs (among which stands a theme of Argentine Moon).


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