Alcohol weakens your immune system

Frequently drink considerable amounts of alcohol may weaken by 75% the efficiency of your immune system.

Alcohol weakens your immune systemDrink alcohol regularly brings multiple consequences, some positive relax, access to "unusual" States of consciousness (with an altered perception that that implies) and even certain types of alcohol, including wine, can represent for our health benefits. However, there is also the other side of the coin. Alcohol can serve as a catalyst to feed our frivolous psychosocial, helps us avoid certain aspects of our personality that we work soberly, such as shyness or lack of charisma, clouds the clarity of purpose, etc. And within this latter group of qualities little desirable now joins the weakening of the immune system of a person.

This means that regular drinkers are significantly more vulnerable to attack by viruses, including HIV. Researchers from the school of Medicine of the University of Massachusetts exposed white blood cells - the protagonists in the defense of the body against infections - chemicals that simulated bacteria and viruses. Half of these cells was introduced alcohol at levels proportional to those who would have a person who drinks around 28 weekly drinks.

The behavior of both groups of WBCs, emphasizing its capacity to react to viral attacks was then analyzed. And the scientists confirmed that the group that had this alcohol responded with only 25% of efficiency in comparison to the other segment, those cells were not influenced by the presence of alcohol.

So if you are a frequent customer of colds, stomach upset or any other infection, perhaps the answer is in your Cup.

Source of Information and Image: trestiemposymedio

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