Be careful with what we say

What comes out of our mouths has consequences. Everything we say is heard, but no more than for ourselves.
careful with what we say, be careful with the words we use.
better more silent than talk.

Do you hear what I usually say or tell others? Talking is so automatic, it sometimes happens that words beyond our being and materialize into anything pleasant situations and moments.

We say things without meaning!

The fact that the act of speaking is not innocent, we still believe the words that say "accidentally" are selected by our brain before going on stage, hence that famous phrase that says "You are a slave to what he says, and owner than silent. "

Language as such is a tool building;? builder? Of possibilities, opening doors, or doors that are closed. We are not just what we eat, but what we say.

Learning to use our speech, could indicate a before and after in the beginning or ending of our stories unresolved.

 The language makes us great or condemn us.

Today we use the term transformational language, based on those linguistic forms that provide positive resources to our lives. However, the language per se is always transformational. Well as such transforms worlds. It is more than a tool for describing, is a tactic to create.

language itself arises from social interaction, the links between humans, thus more than an individual act, is a social phenomenon.

There are three ways of doing versus what we want:

  • Sit and wait for it to happen.
  • Make it happen.
  • Creating the conditions for things to happen.

 Whatever your stance, your language is essential.

If you are a person who often wait for things to happen, easily fall into phrases that do not support your responsibility to events. Is the use of impersonal discourse, when you talk recurrently from there, you indicate your speakers do not want to take care of what you say, and in fact, if not to say you take charge, let alone doing. Impersonal phrases are: "is", "I heard", "Everybody knows", "Some" there is no reference, an agent of the action, who have said it could be anyone. The irresponsibility does not imply no outstanding leave, but not by me ...

Another way of using language as a weakening of your personal power abuse "but" if it is a connector between two sentences, we must consider that the above is invalidated outside his presence.

Talking on the negative is another feature to minimizarte, when you want to set such a goal, do not define it from the place you want to quit, but it displays the desired state. Not the same, but you be like: Not wanting to be fat - to lose weight 5 kilos. First worn and punished. The second empowerment.

Your goals should be the result of what you want to create and not what you would not do. This small distinction makes your language from reactive to proactive.

Fulfill your agreements also strengthen your image and your word. Whoever undertakes and fails, back three boxes in the art of self-image.

emotional burdens with which we live every day we wear, the way you relate to purify yourself and the world is critical to the success of your life.

Andar through life with the complaint walking only bring more obstacles to everything you see. Stand on the action. Language proactive, positive-opportunities-generator, concrete, effective and efficient.


Human beings live in worlds language, and our reality is a linguistic reality. We create the world with our interpretations, stories, and with the ability it gives us the language to coordinate with others.

The language from the ontological perspective is action, is generative.

Through language I can describe the world that already exists or create or modify a nonexistent world.

  • When the world exists first and me with the word as "describe" we are in the area of ​​claims.
  • When the world does not exist and I with the word "believe" or "edit", we are in the realm of the statements.
  • In the scope of the claims our commitment is to show evidence of truth or falsity.
  • In the context of the statements in our commitment will have the authority or power to validate or founding them.

© Author: Chuchi Gonzalez.

Source of information and images: todamujeresbella

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