Digital Home: The future is here

Fagor actually makes an intelligent home automation home

We have decades of dreaming of the idea that machines are robots-whether or not, we make life easier. Let them to our service. It increasingly easier to manage household appliances. Let us assume a lower control effort that inhabit our home appliances. In short, the gadgets that fill our homes we make life even easier, we almost read the thought. We have seen in our dreams, but also lots of science fiction movies. Can be said to be part of the collective imagination.

Digital Home: The future is here

 This system manages the safety precautions and home systems, it is very easy to install and use. (Click image to access the photo gallery)
But the reality is that the remote-at least it until a few years ago-ability is really close. An example of this is backed by Fagor Digital Home Appliances. This is a management system that allows remote control of appliances and household appliances from electronic devices with integrated embedded in them, most common in the city's own machines, such as ATMs.
Guipuzcoa Company has achieved well mark a before and after in the field of home automation applying this system to provide services to households. Is your goal? the most comfortable, leisure opportunities, control and health care.
manages Digital Home For safety precautions and home systems, in addition to housing controlled at all times and from anywhere. This is a very easy to install and use.
Consists of a control module, the Maior-Domo and various automation nodes: security systems, automation and appliances, which communicate with each other through the installation conventional 230V electrical housing.
addition, allows services are customized, adapting to the needs and preferences of each family member. For example, diets can manage via monitoring systems, the parameters and evaluating the health condition. Or to remember, through television, the doctor appointments.
In the culinary field, the Digital Home allows online follow recipes of the great masters of the cuisine of our country, as Karlos Arguiñano. It is also scheduled to hold meetings with them through Facebook or Twitter. This sounds like a real revolution.
The latest addition to this system is called High-Vocce, a new user interface for the automation manager Maior-Domo allowing control just by speaking. Now that's science fiction. The product allows spoken commands governing by all nodes on the network automation. An example: control watering the garden from the comfort of home, comfort or mobility problems.
Gorritxategi To quote Xabier, director Fagor Innovation Group, "With this launch, the company has consolidated its leadership position in innovation. The Digital Home is a project that provides a higher quality of life for people in their homes. "

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