Have you ever attended a wedding theme?

What are the latest trends in wedding themes?

Links 3.0, proposed 'eco', weddings solidarity ... so are weddings XXI century

What are the latest trends in wedding themes

Are you planning a wedding theme?

Last week, the Silken Puerta America, one of the most iconic recent buildings in central Madrid, held its open day for all couples who want to come to know first hand their range of designer weddings. Weddings custom tailored to the couple, and where we could find some of the most popular trends among couples when a wedding theme.
From vintage weddings, weddings to medieval, to those inspired by same range of color, the marriage of the century betting also by new technologies. Authentic wit 3.0 deployments where blogs, apps and websites grooms become the classic Card substitute when reporting on the wedding list, the location of the link or the special menu.
couples incorporate leading-edge Tech also details the development of the celebration: the comments of the attendees, the best anecdotes and even the congratulations of those who could not attend can follow the link on Twitter or Facebook, while being projected on screens during dinner . Before starting with the starters, we can see the menu with a BIDI code through your mobile phone, record a video of congratulations that replaces the guest book or take part in a fun photobooth.

What are the latest trends in wedding themes

Decoration inspired by nature as an urban oasis in a wedding 'eco'.

Weddings 'echo' also have their place in the hearts of brides. Hybrid cars instead of the classic car lovers, healthy and balanced menus inspired by the garden products, invitations and stationery on handmade paper recycling, and flower arrangements made ​​with replantables materials are some of the details for more links environmentally friendly.
Along the same lines, solidarity weddings are another bit more, a way to share a pinch of happiness of the bride and groom with others. The most popular initiatives: solidarity wedding lists, where guests can choose as a wedding pens, notebooks, vaccines, a pig, drinking water or food that are sent to developing countries, or the original initiative Silken , a dessert to share, in that couples give the corresponding amount of the wedding cake to an NGO.

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