The Diary of Anne Frank (Review and Videos)

From the Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Germany in 1929 and belonged to a Jewish family that was exiled in Holland to start the Nazi persecutions. At age thirteen, he began writing a journal shortly after she and her family hid to avoid the concentration camps. They remained hidden 1942-1944 year that were discovered. In 1945, he died in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Her diary was found in the hideout who lived for two years.

Historic Environment

The 2nd World War has passed into history through many images, destructive weapons, but mostly for the great atrocities on both sides. Netherlands had fallen into the hands of the Nazis in May 1940. On his way to France, Hitler ignored Dutch and Belgian neutrality in his idea of ​​controlling the western front. Holland ignored German rearmament and had not taken any steps to prepare for a possible war actually always thought that its neutrality would be respected as it was in World War 1. was not the case, on May 10 Nazis introduced Holland, making control of the country in less than a week. On May 17, the German occupation began the territory that would be in their hands five years, a period in which life would lose about 250,000 Dutch. Against this background the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands occurred an event that has become tremendously popular After a book, The Diary of Anne Frank. On July 9, 1942, Anne Frank's family hid in the attic that was in his father's office in Amsterdam to try to escape the cruel fate that the Nazis had imposed Jews. The Frank family were German Jews and had come to Holland to escape the Nazis. Her father Otto, mother Edith, her sister Margot and she, along with four others, Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist and Jewish family formed by Hermann van Pels and Auguste van Pels and their son, Peter, who lives locked August 04 1944. Shortly before its closure Ana received a gift, a newspaper when he was 12 and would be in your pages where your collected daily. A Gestapo informer denounced and were arrested and sent to concentration camps of Auschwitz and then to Bergen-Belsen, where Anne and her sister Margot died of typhus in March 1945. The only survivor was Anne's father, Otto Frank, who published the diaries of her daughter, who went on to become a success being translated into 67 languages. "Odyssey this Jewish girl and her family was filmed in 1959 by George Stevens being nominated for eight Oscars it won three:. For Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography Today, if you go to Amsterdam, you can learn first hand what was his "secret annex" at the Museum that bears his name.

Excerpts from the diary of Anne Frank

June 20, 1942

My father was 36 when he married my mother, who was 20. My sister Margot was born in 1926 in Frankfurt am Main. And I on June 12, 1929. Being one hundred percent Jewish, emigrated to Holland in 1933, where my father was appointed director Travis NV, signature associated Kolen & Co., Amsterdam. The same building housed the company, of which my father was one of the shareholders. Since then, life was not without emotions for us, for the rest of our family was still defending Hitler's actions against the Jews. After the persecutions of 1938, my two maternal uncles fled and arrived safely in the United States. My grandmother then met 73 years with us. After 1940 our good times would end quickly, especially war, rendition, and the invasion of the Germans taking us to misery. Provision after provision against Jews. The Jews were forced to wear the star to give their bikes. Ban Jews boarding a tram, driving a car. Obligation for Jews to shop exclusively in establishments marked with the sign of "Jewish business", and 15-17 hours only. Prohibition for Jews to leave after eight in the evening, not even their gardens, or even stay at home with friends. Prohibition for Jews to exercise all sports audience: not allowed access to the pool, tennis and hockey or training elsewhere. Prohibition for Jews Christians participate. Obligation for Jews to go to Jewish schools, and many other similar restrictions.

July 8, 1942

At three o'clock they called at our door. I did not hear him because I was reading on the terrace, the sun lazily reclining in a rocking chair. Suddenly, Margot appeared in the kitchen doorway, visibly upset.

- Santa received a subpoena from the SS-whispered. Mother just came out for Mr. Van Daan. (Van Daan is a colleague and friend of our father.)

I was terrified: everyone knows what it means to a subpoena; arise in my imagination I saw the concentration camps and lonely cells. We were to leave the father out?

- Naturally not stay - Margot said, while both the mother waited in exchange room.

- Mom went to the Van Daan, to see if we can live as of tomorrow, our hiding. The Van Daan be hiding there with us. We will be seven.

In our room, Margot told me that the call was not for his father, but to herself. Startled again began to cry. Margot is 16. They want to let go of solo girls her age! Fortunately, as mom said, do not go.

October 9, 1942

Today I have to say not only depressing news. Many of our Jewish friends are slowly sent by the Gestapo, not wearing your are transported in cattle cars to Westerbork, the big camp for Jews in among. Westerbork must be a nightmare, hundreds and hundreds are forced to wash in a room, WC and Capacity missing one above the other, crammed into every corner. Men, women and children sleep together. Customs did not speak: Many women and girls are pregnant.

impossible to escape. Most are marked by a shaved head, and others as well, for your kind Jewish.

Netherlands If this happens, what will happen in remote and barbarous that is just the lobby Westerbork? We are aware that these poor people will be massacred. English speaking radio gas chambers. After all, it may be better to die quickly. It makes me sick.

19 nov 1942

We could close our eyes to all this misery, but we thought we loved, and we fear the worst, unable to help them.

well wrapped up in my bed, I feel less than nothing when I think about friends whom he loved, uprooted from their homes and fall into this hell. I fear the litter that those who were so close to me are getting now in the hands of the world's most ruthless executioners. For the simple reason that they are Jews.

January 13, 1943

Terror reigns in the city. Night and day, the incessant transport of these poor people, since only a shoulder bag and a little money. The last property is taken on the way, they say. It separates families, bringing together men, women and children.

children coming home from school because their parents are not. Women returning from the market, its doors are sealed and realize that their families are gone.

Dutch Christians also touches: their children are compulsorily sent to Germany. Everybody is scared.

Hundreds of planes flying over Netherlands to bomb German cities and leave in ruins, and every hour, hundreds of men fall in Russia and North Africa. No one is immune, the entire world is at war, and although the Allies win the war, still no end in sight.

could go on for hours talking about the misery caused by the war, but it discourages me more and more. We stand and wait for the end of these misfortunes. Jews and Christians expect the whole world expects, and many expect the death.

3D virtual tour of the building where Anne Frank hid

Recreation this wonderful virtual 3D as a video game. Not only allows us to know in detail the dependencies (both back home and in front of the building), but objects, pictures (some I had not seen before or looking on Google) and even sounds like war planes passing, the bells the church, the house sounds, etc.. # / house / start / help / See original article



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