Question of Size

We give you helpful tips for matching the right size bra and avoid possible problems in the chest

Question of Size

Choose the right size bra is not just a cosmetic issue. Buy a smaller measure can be detrimental to the health of our chest. And it is something that happens to seven out of ten women who do not wear the right size or the right bra, as noted from the consultation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr. Junco.
've come to this conclusion by looking at their patients that a major concern of those who come to consult Dr. Junco to perform a breast augmentation, is knowing the size with which will: most of them know their actual size bra.
therefore, have not hesitated to give a practical advice, it is good to use fastener for securing and breast health so it is important that measures cup and contour fit perfectly to your body. Women also know that over time the body undergoes changes so should review their class if they think your favorite bra brand soon leaves them on the skin, the back closure is raised above the breast line or notice they lack or excess drink.

Hitting with the number ... and the letter

The number (contour) is determined by measuring the contour of the trunk, underneath the line of the fastener, and adding 15. The letter (the cup) is obtained by measuring over the chest and subtracting what actually measures the contour. With this data and just follow this rule: A (12 to 14 centimeters, small bust), B (14 to 16 centimeters, half bust), C (16 to 18 centimeters, full bust), D (for 18-20 inches, large bust) and the sequence continues for upper cups.

Note that ...

-Take steps without clothes and when you have your period: during those days breast volume increases.

-Most bras have three positions of brackets. A bra feel good if the center close to the line without pressing or make skin folds.

-The bra should not make marks all around.

-back regulator should not be above the bass line chest .

- If you do exercise, choose a good sports bra that cushions the chest movement.

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