The Diary of Anne Frank (Book Summary)

Book Summary:


The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank


The story is the biography, the diary of a Jewish girl of 13 years, daughter of German merchants, when they start the first Nazi persecution, his family believed in the Netherlands found ultimate salvation. The forced invasion of Holland in July 1942 to choose between two options: submit to the call of the Gestapo or hiding in the annex of an old house in Holland was the office and warehouse of the company of the father of Anne had to take a thousand precautions: not to be seen, not to make noise and be very cautious. In these terms and under the small space beings had to cohabit 8 daily for just over two years. Ana was devoted to the task of reading voraciously and writing in his diary named Kitty, which embodies the most sensitive observations regarding its existence and that of others.


Anne's diary was a gift for her 13th birthday on June 12, 1942. Thereafter, Ana appoints Kitty diary and confides everything happens. The day starts when Ana is still in school there has admirers and friends as Joep and Lies.
During that time, the Jews had to use a star on clothes to be identified, should make purchases in stores and businesses Jews had no right to use the tram or use bicycles, children should study in special schools and had no rights as the rest of the population.
Soon after, Ana receives the news that should be hidden, as the Gestapo has cited her sister Margot and his father. The target date for the disappearance of the Frank family was on July 16, leaving a note camouflage with an address in Maastricht. However, the July 5, 1942 Early fleeing the hideout, dressed in several layers of clothes and a suitcase per person. They are helped by Miep, a girl who worked in the store and knew the family, Mr. Koophuis, Eli and Vossen.
including family history, Margot was born in 1926 in Frankfurt and Ana on June 12, 1929. Emigrated to Holland in 1933 where his father was appointed director of Travies NV, signature associated Kolen & Co. of Amsterdam, the same building housed the two companies of which his father was a shareholder and subsequently served as a hiding Annex for family. That was kind of hiding small two-story apartment at the top of the house. To cover the door to the annex, placed a revolving bookcase. Rules to live there were very strict, because they had to keep silent when workers were in the office, could not flush the toilet or water faucets open until they were alone in the building, the procedure was bathing in a tub to be used alternately for areas that everyone chose.
Along with the Frank family, made ​​by Ms. and Mr. Frank, Margot and Anne, came to live in the Van Daan: Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and his son Peter. Ana has bad relationship with Mrs. Van Daan, who aims to educate as well as with Peter, whom he considers lazy and apathetic, as he is very quiet.
Mr. Koophuis supplies of books and food to families every 15 days.
The first months are difficult for Ana, it has a bad relationship with his mother, Margot and Mrs. Van Daan with. Anne often feels sad when her mother scolds who considers tough, sarcastic and disorderly. Externalized who loves his father more than anyone in the family and it expects approval.
During this first stage, Anne's father became ill with high fever eczema, which represent a serious problem, as they could not go to doctors or get all the necessary medicines fortunately recovered after a couple of weeks.
Ana spends his time studying shorthand and French and have read many books.
On 9 November 1942 the British announced that Algeria, Morocco, Casablanca and Oran have fallen and now await the turn of Tunisia. Continues defending Stalingrad. All in Annex hope this is the beginning of the end.
Soon after was the 17th birthday of Peter and a new tenant joined the Annex, Albert Dussel, who was a dentist and whose wife is sheltered abroad. When arrived at Annex Dussel, gave a regulation of coexistence and installed it in Anna's room This tells the life abroad, the constant hunt for Jews, the seizure of their property and abuse against them.
Annex celebrate Hanukkah and the Feast of St. Nicholas, Miep and Elli will bring gifts.
Sometimes Ana is deeply troubled, because he misses his life abroad, his friends, is tired of the constant nagging and criticism, the contempt with which the look because it is considered the scapegoat and to Dussel morning exercises in the room they share, however, maintains good face. Ana calls this period tomb days: period forced to live hidden in the hope that it will not be for long. It also describes the misery of war: Dutch Christian children compulsorily sent to Germany; separate Jewish families; war around the globe, children without adequate clothing asking for a piece of bread in the streets; Jews and Christians expect the whole world expects, many expect death.
The February 27, 1943 Chruchill recovering from pneumonia, Gandhi went back into hunger strike and the owner of the building where families were staying underground is just to sell without notifying them or Kraler Koophuis. The new owner took one look at the building in the company of an architect and Koophuis warned that it had the key to the annex, for one, were safe.
In March 1943 bombings were heard, guns and alarms on the street. Everyone was very afraid, but the evils that were waiting outside were worse than being hit by a bomb. Ana thought that Turkey would enter the English war allied, but this was not so. The Fuhrer, shows pride in their broadcasts and war-wounded soldiers.
Earlier this month, someone entered the home around 8 pm. All were terrified to hear the knock on the door of the annex. Mr. Van Daan was coughing a lot because I had flu, so I supplied codeine to keep silence. They thought they were thieves. Then the noise stopped and fell in the morning to see if everything was in order.
was announced that all Jews must leave the Germanic countries before 18 July. Utrecht will be refined and lead people to the slaughter like a herd of animals sick and dirty.
Annex rats discovered where they were preserved so Mouschi left, Peter's cat, to handle the matter.
Koophuis In April 1943 had a strong internal bleeding and had to be away for three weeks. Elli Vossen contracted flu and also appears to have ulceration. In the annex there are many disputes. Ana's mother against her, against Van Daan's father and Ms. Ana. Mrs. Van Daan against Frank. Food is bad: stale bread, spinach and potatoes for 15 days.
Ana In May 1943 describes the clothes of tenants is very worn but that comparison of Jewish prisoners, living in paradise. There have been many bombings, all of Holland is punished for his numerous strikes and are under siege. Young Dutch are required to sign to agree to the new regime, however, 80% of them do not accept and will now be sent to work in Nazi land.
In June 1943 Ana celebrates his 14th birthday, his father has written a poem in which he expressed his understanding for the load she receives to be judged by all to be the smallest. Ana is honored with gifts that make since involved a series of sacrifices to give candy and a book of mythology.
Mr. Vossen was diagnosed with cancer, this meant that one of his protectors would be absent.
Authorities have asked surrender their radios but Koophuis Baby bought one on the black market and it will be hidden in the Annex: Jewish underground with clandestine radio, bought on the black market in illegal money.
Ana is having problems with their eyes and think of the possibility of I go to the doctor with Miep, however this option is discarded.
Margot and Anne Miep greatly help with office work and have been learning shorthand. Dussel and Anne vying for the study table, because he does not want to transfer her and Anna, with great character, ends up winning his table at certain times.
In July 1943 the north of Amsterdam was destroyed, the hospitals were full and there was a balance of more than 200 dead and many injured. Children looking for their parents in the ashes of the rubble. The shelling intensified in Holland, but leave following alarms is worse or equal to the bombings. There is one glimmer of hope: Mussolini gave his resignation to the king of Italy.
At home there was, again, another assault. They took 40 guilders and sugar supply. Koophuis believe the same robbers were six weeks ago.
Everyone thought what I'd do if they were free: Margot and Mr. Van Daan is'd put a hot water bath for 30 minutes. Mrs. Van Daan eat sweets; Dussel just think Lotte, his wife Ana's mother would take a cup of coffee, Mr. Frank would visit Mr. Vossen to the hospital, Peter would go to the movies and Ana would be so happy I would not know where to start, just wants to go home and school.
Ana Annex describes activities: whenever there are bombings, Ana runs into the parents' room. Everything that happens in Annex heard when Dussel can not sleep, when Van Daan are quarreling, when someone goes to the toilet. At 12:30 the clerks of the house to eat. At 12:45 Koophuis, Kraler, Van Santen, Elli and Miep up the annex to spend time with his proteges. At 1:00 gather around the radio to listen to the BBC. At 1:15 they sit down to eat. At 1:45 lunch is over and everyone returns to work. Ana studied until 4:00, taking advantage of the silence of the nap of all. At 5:30 the store clerks are removed and thereafter may use the toilet, making noises, etc.. At 8:30 o'clock in the morning is important to remain silent and not use the toilet to avoid detection. At 9:00 eat breakfast and during the day, study or read.
In September 1943 heard on the radio that Italy had capitulated. Furthermore, Koophuis was admitted for intestinal surgery for 4 weeks. Miep and Elli contracted flu was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I had to cover the work of Koophuis and Miep and make orders Annex. Things in the Annex are going from bad to worse, the mood is depressed because everyone is apprehensive about the insurmountable obstacle of winter. The Van Daan are running out of funds. Mrs. Van Daan would have to sell her fur coat to survive. Margot suffers from headaches, insomnia and Ana Dussel feels he is being an idiot, do not eat, has a face and feels suffocated and depressed. It wants to have fun, go out and be happy. He feels it is a bird that has lost its wings.
Such a suspicion VM Annex. Kraler rose stealthily to avoid being discovered by VM and reported the suspicion to be extreme precautions.
Ana had a vision of seeing his gaunt and ragged Lies friend for help. Ana feels guilty for not being able to help and asks God to protect her. Considers that Lies is the symbol of misfortune who are going through the thousands of Jews, simply because they were Jews. The news on the radio are drowsiness atmosphere.
During December, the day of Saint Nicholas, trying to cheer in the Annex. Elli, Miep and Koophuis made ​​them gifts, a Christmas cake with the inscription "Peace 1944."
Meanwhile, Frank and Van Daan and can not stand, it is difficult to cohabit. The Franks have given their food to the Van Daan but they are greedy and selfish. The monotony begins to upset them. They got fake providers ration cards and food they have to eat is bad, based on cabbage and potatoes.
Ana reviews are becoming more mature, with greater vision, insight and wisdom. Analyze your life until 1944, saw through a magnifier ruthless. First, sun drenched home, then in the Annex since 1942, the abrupt change, disputes, reprimands, etc.. She was taken by surprise, as if he had received a blow, and to comfort himself, became insolent. The first part of 1943: crisis of tears, infinite solitude, slowly understanding its flaws. He was alone with the difficult task of change itself, to continue provoking reproaches were not depressed. The second part of the year was a little better, became young, and the elderly began to regard rather as one of them. He began to think, to write stories. After New Year, was their desire to have a boy friend, not a girl. There was also the discovery of his happiness, under its shell made ​​of superficiality and joy. He no longer thought in misery, but the beauty that will survive.
tastes and interests of Ana: writing, family trees on the genealogy of the dynasties in France, Germany, Spain, England, Russia, Scandinavia and Holland; history mythology Greek and Roman family photos and film artists, works of literature and art history, interest in being a journalist because I like to write; dislike math and algebra.
Ana begins to seek the company of Peter and now their perspective about it has changed. Peter discovers that the notes a lot and try to be helpful to her. Peter feels he has a huge need for tenderness. The close relationship between them every day and not a day goes by without Ana Writes Kitty is in love with Peter. Now their happiness is based on this new friendship. Together they talk about their families, the situation faced, loneliness. Ana believes that he loves her and also feels guilt for Margot, who apparently has feelings for him, however, she wrote a letter in which he clarifies feel happy for the new friendship that has developed with Peter. Meanwhile, adults gossip about the relationship between Anne and Peter.
Ana expresses regret at the war and considers far end. There is poverty, people have no shoe, dressed wrong. Not enough food, many rounds. Children are malnourished and sabotage against the authorities there. People do not have coal and quite cold. There are a series of epidemics, but the hope is in the advance of the Russians, who come to Romania. The Germans occupied Hungary and there are still 1,000,000 Jews living that will badly.
On Tuesday 11 April 1944 Annex faced a new adventure. Again tried to storm the store by making a hole in the door below. Peter, Dussel, Mr. Van Daan and Frank went down to see what was happening and at that time, a couple walking the lit. For a moment, someone came to the door and tried to open closet. Everyone assumed it was the police and the Gestapo discovered. Ana was ready to die for a long time and did not move and remained silent. The toilet stank because all occupied following nerves. Finally took the resolution of calling Koophuis theft and to alert you to send someone. For 2 or 3 occasions tried to open the closet door and someone fell against the door for a few hours. All were silent and calm. When it was over and Koophuis arrived, I was struck by being exposed to find out what happened, because now they had been seen by the couple walking.
Ana is thrilled because he kissed Peter. His father asked him to keep away because they can love. However, Ana continues to visit Peter and writes a letter to her father to explain his feelings since they are locked: the lack of understanding and love from their parents, nights of tears and how Peter has found a friend who understands and who can share their concerns. Ana's father felt much regret to read that letter for its extreme hardness. Ana realizes his mistake to make such accusations.
Everyone expects the arrival of the English in Holland. Ana believes that this will happen when the British and Americans as they see fit, not as a group of countries concerned so decide, because ultimately risking their people.
There is a new wave of anti-Semitism, even those that were good. Ana feels sad because she loves Holland and although has no homeland, the Netherlands wishes to a beautiful country with noble people, their homeland. However, it says that the Jews German refugees in other countries will have to return to Germany. Can not understand why the Dutch, a good people, judges the most oppressed, most unfortunate and perhaps, the most pitiable worldwide. It remains confident that this wave of anti-Semitism is Dutch passenger, and after the war, they receive them as they did before.
Meanwhile, have arrested legumes provider because Jews harbored two. Now go hungry in the Annex, most dietary restrictions.
Ana in May 1944 states that in a bad mood, depressed and hopeless. The overwhelm several problems: first, the supplier of pulses, the problem of the Jews, the landing does expect, poor diet, stress, depressing atmosphere, the need for freedom, the burden and danger involved for their protectors, the fear of discovery. Not even all this makes desist, love life and have not forgotten the voice of nature, still waiting, but would like it to happen Ana something soon to eliminate the concern, so they know whether to conquer or perish.
in June 1944 was the Ana's birthday and started landing: large-scale bombing in Calais, Boulogne, Le Havre and Cherbourg. British troops landed by parachute behind the lines. Gerbrandy, Prime Minister of Belgium, King Haakon of Norway, De Gaulle, King of England and make speeches Chruchill representing a new light of hope in Annex gives strength to withstand a longer deprivation.
longer feels Ana the same interest as before by Peter, after having learned that the friend could not be partaker of his thoughts, has not ceased to aspire to elevate him above his limited horizon and magnify it in their youth. Peter admires the strength and humor of Ana and therefore clings to it.
Ana feels that there are more reasons to believe that the war will end because in July 1944 there was an assassination attempt against Hitler, not by Jews, communists or English capitalists, but by a general of the German nobility, a count, who was shot to be discovered by the Fuhrer.
On Tuesday, August 1, 1944 is the last letter of Ana Kitty on it, made ​​a recap of its form being; Ana considers the tender, has never made ​​an appearance in the company, not once, but in solitude, his voice almost always dominates. Pure Ana will point the way, is just a goat outwardly detached from its rope, wild and petulant. See and feel things in a totally different expressed as talking, so the alternatively called volandera, flirty, romantic pedantic. Ana Alegre that laughs, responds with insolence, shrugs his shoulders indifferently, claims that could not care less, but the Dulce Ana reacts in the opposite way.
Here ends the diary of Anne Frank. On August 4, 1944, the Feld Polizei burst into the Annex. All its inhabitants and Kraler and Koophuis, were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
Annex The Gestapo razed, leaving the floor, scrambled old books, magazines and newspapers, etc., among which Miep and Elli found the Journal Anne
Of all the inhabitants of the Annex, only Anne's father returned. Kraler and Koophuis, who withstood the hardships of Dutch fields, returned home.
In March 1945, Anne died in the concentration camp at Berge-Belsen, two months before the liberation of Holland.


ANNE FRANK: Character principal. Since it is an autobiography, All daily perceived emotional changes and acquires Ana character as time passes in the Annex. It is mature, strong-willed, intelligent fighter. It is very sensitive and humane primarily as it happens. Has aspirations of becoming a writer someday and performs deep analysis and wisdom for his age.
SR. FRANK: Supporting character. Anne's father, called Pim affection. The most discreet of all. The goodness personified. It is of great heart and noble, patient and kind. It is the only survivor of the tenants of the Annex.
SRA. FRANK: Supporting character. Mother of Anna Great conversationalist but acts of judges much Ana, is sarcastic and during the first stage of cohabitation in the Annex, Anne expresses holding bad relationship with her ​​..
MARGOT: Supporting character. Sister Anna barely speaks, is treated like a spoiled child by his mother and eats very little. It is sensible and good with his sister.
SR. Van Daan: Supporting character. Constantly fight with your wife. Almost no references to his nature.
SRA. Van Daan: Supporting character. Full name: Petronella Van Daan. It is highly active, flirtatious. Ana considers the provocative, the cause of all disputes and unintelligent. Constantly fight with her ​​husband and as selfish and petty.
PETER: Supporting character. Taciturn and off most of the time. After a year in the Annex, strikes up a friendship with Anne, then I will feel lonely and lacking tenderness.
DUSSEL: Supporting character. 54 years of age. Dentist, grouchy and childish. Ana is considered mentally retarded, but arguably unwise.
Koophuis: Supporting character. Protector Annex tenants. Demonstrates an admirable courage despite being ill with ulcer. Always in a good mood. Simplicity in person.
ELLI: Supporting character. Protective Annex tenants. Taquidactilógrafa 23. Not mincing. The least thing he likes. It is good, helpful and always in a good mood.
MIEP: Supporting character. Protective Annex tenants. He worked with Mr. Frank since 1933 and is a great friend.
SR. Kraler: Supporting character. Protector Annex tenants. Has the idea of putting a rotating closet before the door of the annex. He worked with the father of Anna
SR. VOSSEN: Supporting character. Protector Annex tenants. Elli's father. It is very helpful with 7 people hidden. Manufactured the closet. Get cancer.


The Diary of Anne Frank is a masterpiece written by a 13 year old girl, who performed an analysis of his own being. He wrote for himself, without any special gratification, with no concern for improving the picture nor by surprise. It was there, in the paradoxical environment where Ana found both his own existence and that of others.

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