What do your lips say about you?

The lips are a key point of your attractiveness and personality, discover what yours reveal

The lips are a key point of your attractiveness and personality

When Angelina Jolie showed his right leg through an opening in her dress for the Oscar Awards 2012, his well toned limb became so popular, it even had its own Twitter account. However, this is not the only physical characteristic of the sexy star sensation. According to a recent study in the United States, which asked more than 900 plastic surgeons which part of the body of a celebrity that most women want to copy, the response was almost unanimous. Angelina lips were first in the list. Inspired by her, more and more women are the plastic surgeon so that he increases his lips or change its shape with injectable fillers and other art procedures.

Why should this fascination with lips full and fleshy? According to some experts in the technique known as sicofisonomía, which analyzes the features to discover the personality traits, is rooted in biology. And that is when a woman is in a moment of sexual passion, his lips swollen and blood up to his face, making them look more red. Now do you understand the appeal of lip crayon? This mimics the sexual arousal, making-conscious, especially unconsciously the woman look more attractive to the opposite sex. Another curious fact about the attraction of a feature: in antiquity, some women were placed belladonna (which can be toxic) in the eyes to dilate the pupils. It is scientifically proven that when we see something that attracts us, our pupils dilate. Thus, when a man looked at a girl's eyes and saw her big eyes, she knew she was attractive, which flattered her vanity made ​​her more beautiful in his eyes.
All this is to say that if the lips play a important role in the beauty not only in form ... but for what they reveal personality (because ultimately, this is what really is attractive). Want to know what yours say? Find out here!

Full Lips

The lips, like Angelina Jolie, are often called "generous". They are associated with high levels of estrogen, a female hormone linked to the capacity to welcome and nurture with love. Who hosts more homeless children than Jolie? What other celebrity has been dedicated to the birth and adoptive motherhood more delivery-mom of Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne? Jolie's lips also denote a sensual woman who enjoys pleasure without fuss or limits. Of course, the other side of the coin is that sometimes give so much to others, to the couple, the family, social causes, which they have very little time and energy to devote to their own lives. The solution lies in being so generous with themselves as they are with others.

Thin lips

Have been unjustly accused of selfishness or coldness reveal (this is because when we are angry we press the lips, making them thinner), but this is only a superficial interpretation. Thin lips denote the independent woman who enjoys time alone and has a high sense of intuition, as two famous: Kate Middleton and Kate Hudson. Quiet and elegant, this woman may seem cold, but only until you know better. By the same token, if you like? Melt ice?, To smile and show their charm.

Long Lips

Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway are huge and contagious smiles, thanks to the elongated shape of her lips. Women who share this characteristic with them are usually happy, communicative and very friendly. Infect others with his enthusiasm and positive attitude. Sometimes counselors become emotional of her friends, forgetting communicate how they feel, so often those closest to not notice their problems. The solution: do not just listen, but also to share their feelings, problems and concerns with family and friends.

Lips Round

We are facing a fearless adventurer who wants to discover, explore and try everything! The perfect example of this kind of woman is Drew Barrymore, combining the rebellion with the sex appeal in a charming way. The button-shaped mouth or lips round a sign of a free spirit who want to fly ... but almost never do alone, for his irresistible personality is a magnet for men and women. A possible minus sign in this equation? Sometimes it is impossible to reach, let alone retain. The solution is to spend time with each thing and person, without jumping from branch to branch.

Heart Shaped Lip 

This kind of lips, such as Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere and Reese Witherspoon "talk" of a woman with an unusual charm. Men consider them cute and kissable, and the women are nice and friendly. But behind the face of Betty Boop (remember her?) Hides an independent spirit and expressive, not afraid to say exactly what he thinks. Sometimes your physical appearance that makes some not-fully-known not taken seriously. That is why we must learn to take a more serious when the occasion requires.

The corners UP

Katie Holmes is the perfect example of this kind of lips that seem to always be smiling. They reveal optimistic woman, not left disheartened by the problems, always looking for a solution or, at least, find the gift (the lesson) that these will leave. Many people can be wrong with the owner of these lips, as judged innocent, naive or superficial, so she sometimes must make a greater effort to enforce their views.

The downturned

Women like Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman did not seem to have much in common, but the reality is that their lips, with drooping corners reveal that share several characteristics, such as perfectionism, mental alertness and discretion. All three retain the personal details of his private life, yes, even Aniston, the darling of the paparazzi (did you take note of how, even during the scandalous love triangle Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie, she revealed to the press only I wanted to?). Equipped with a great sense of humor a bit ironic, these women are intelligent and somewhat mysterious. To them they are not known for small talk, you have to take the time to cultivate his friendship and gain their trust.

Lean, without obligation

Now that you know more about the appearance of the lips and what they reveal, remember that, as stated in the stars, this science tilts but does not oblige. That is, do not just judge by the shape of the lips, they can give you an indication of the other person, but only really know when delve into it.


Source of information and images: Vanities

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