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Definition of Atonico - its concept and meaning

Definition of Stunned

Atonic, is an expression whose etymology is derived from the term Latin attonĭtus. It is an adjective that can refer to a person that is absorbed or stunned by some event or a strange thing. Stunning, what it can be used as a synonym for surprise or astonishment.

For example: "listen to the question of the girl child, the professor was stunned and didn't know what to answer", "the man continued shouting while the neighbors were surprised and I couldn't understand what was happening", "why it amazes you?" "I had hoped that I was going to make a very original hair cut."
The idea of surprise is associated with confusion. People, to see or hear what produces the surprise, enters a kind of State of shock and unable to articulate a response. While an individual is stunned, unable to react, as if you were processing the information that surprised then to develop a consistent behavior.
Suppose that a man observes how a car circulating through a cornice, suddenly slipped off and falls down the cliff. The witness, in the first instance, is surprised by the magnitude of the accident. After a few seconds, however, he manages to react and call an ambulance as it nears the place of the fact to try to rescue the wounded.
It is usual that, after leaving the State of disturbance, the person provides a response to the situation that caused the surprise. If a parent is stunned when her son insults, out of the stupor surely rebuke thee and will explain to the children that you must always treat him with respect.

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