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Definition of Atorrante - its concept and meaning

Definition of Tramp

Tramp or Atorrante is a word of common usage in the countries of South America, such as Argentina and Uruguay to describe a person who is a lazy worker, and little inclined to work. The term is also used to name, on who is speaking, and often derogatory sense or those who are considered as a scoundrel.
For example: "Lucas is a refined: he is forty years old and does not work, because that keeps him I parents", "When I was young it was a refined, I left my home on Friday afternoon and not returned until Monday", "the Deputy described the Governor as a refined who became a millionaire thanks to the money of the taxpayers".

The etymological origin of refined is often cause for debate. Many believe that the concept was born in the Argentina of the 1930s, when tubes from the sewers that were under construction, allegedly identified with a mark A-Torrans. And the linyeras who took refuge to spend the time in these tubes, therefore, were called simuladores. Another version indicates that the tubes were used for channelling the underground rivers and showed the inscription ("torrents", in French) which means torrents. Still others say that refined, in fact, is the pordioseros that rested on the tubes and remained "stuck".
Regardless of their origin, today the most common use of the word is associated with laziness or leisure. An Atorrante may be a liar, cheat or someone who lives in the vagrancy.
It can be said that there is even a positive sense of the word. There are occasions in which qualifies a person as refined when you have charisma or cunning: "my son is a refined: when you want to allow you go dancing, looks at me and smile me because he knows that, in addition, convinces me immediately".

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