What is the meaning of Fire? Concept, Definition of Fire


Definition of Fire

The word fire comes from the latin focus, and is used to describe the heat and light that emerge as a product of combustion. However, depending on the context, the Word can be used in different ways. Thus, for example, the word fire also is used to give the order to fire weapons, as in the phrase "If there is no response, open fire as soon as possible". Can also refer to some feelings like anger or love, as in the phrase "Make an interesting couple." "It shows that there is fire including two".

Talking about the product of combustion, it is known that fire occurs due to accelerated oxidation of a material in the exothermic combustion process. This generates heat, detachment of flame and light. Given that for the existence of fire must be forcibly oxygen, is known that this appeared once formed the Earth, since in the beginning our planet did not contain oxygen.
The discovery of fire by man was luar undoubtedly an important turning point in our development as a species. Once discovered by prehistoric man, began to cook food, increased dramatically the availability and variety of nutrients. In addition, fire allowed to prehistoric man kept warm in cold places, so many could go to live in places not so warm. Itself that out little, fire kept at Bay with nocturnal predators, so its role as an ally in the human survival is indisputable.
Over time, the use of fire was becoming increasingly complex, and today in day, virtually all we use it in our daily routine, since we light the stove until we turn on our cars, which operate with an internal combustion engine. In addition, is the fire that provides electricity to a substantial part of mankind, through the thermal power plants.

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