What is the meaning of Holocaust? Concept, Definition of Holocaust


Definition, Concept and Meaning: Holocaust

Considering its etymology, the word holocaust is composed of two Greek words "holos" meaning all and "kaustos" which translates as "burned", and applied to the ancient cult rituals where animals were burned in divine offering.

The word holocaust is used at one time, from the second half of the twentieth century to refer to crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people especially during the Second World War, but also faced persecution killer, other minorities, as Gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah's Witnesses. The application of this word to the slaughter is now questioned as they had no content of religion, but purely racial, religious and gender freedom.
Winston Churchill also called Holocaust to genocide of Armenians occurred in Turkey during the First World War.
The Holocaust responded to an extermination plan gradually, the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler believed that blocked its plans to create a society composed of German Aryan race they considered superior, extending to all countries under German influence.
At first the regime persecuted the Jews preventing educated in German schools, or work for the state, and their businesses boycotted. Then they were deprived of citizenship by the Nuremberg Laws (1935) to continue denying participate in culture and expropriate their companies.
Another step was to identify a bracelet to control them and one was even more ruthless slums confine called ghettos. Still not satisfied, and during the war, he implemented what he called "the final solution" which were sent to forced labor in concentration camps or sentenced to death in gas chambers whether because of age or health conditions were not suitable for work.

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